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Product Liability Attorneys in Chicago
If you bought a product that was later found to be defective, you would know about it, right? Not necessarily. While manufacturers are forced to recall products when they are known to cause safety issues, many circumvent the process with a “silent recall.”  Although known as a technical service bulletin, a silent recall allows manufacturers to fix defects and other problems that customers report without notifying or involving the government or other regulatory authorities.

Silent recalls have been applied to a variety of products, from children’s toys to sporting goods to heaters and even cars. The manufacturers in these cases claim that the defect is so minor in nature that no recall needs to be issued. So the manufacturer communicates directly with consumers to fix the problem and minimize publicity of the defect.

Jeffrey Nadrich, a Modesto California Personal Injury Lawyer, notes that “the recall process is in place to protect consumers, and we should not allow the manufacturer to determine what does or does not need to be reported to regulating authorities.”