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101417-300x230A former high school drama teacher who worked for Evanston Township High School has been accused of sexual misconduct by several of his former students. Those accusing the man of wrongdoing state that the incidents occurred in the late 1980s and early 1990s at a minimum.

Multiple students have reported that the teacher would physically grope male students by placing his hand down the students’ pants and touching their genitals. The teacher, who spent an extended period of time with the school, ran the drama department and was in charge of many of the drama-related activities including casting of plays. Some former students have stated that they felt incapable of confronting the behavior due to the power possessed by the teacher and the desire of the students to succeed in the program.

Recently, the school has responded by banning the former teacher from the campus and any school-related activities. It also reported the allegations to local police.

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