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Drunk Driving Accident Risks Increase Over the Holiday Season in Chicago

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The winter holiday season is one for festivities and celebration. Businesses and homes all over Chicago put up decorations and prepare to share meals and attend parties with friends and families. One commonality of many of these holiday get-togethers is drinking alcohol. Whether party-goers are having spiked cider, adult eggnog, champagne, or any other alcoholic beverage, the roads can become extremely dangerous if intoxicated individuals decide to try to drive home.

Law enforcement departments in and around Chicago ramp up efforts to enforce Illinois drunk driving laws1 and to take as many drunk drivers off of the roads as possible. Unfortunately, even with saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints, many drunk drivers go undetected by police. That is until they cause serious injuries to unsuspecting motorists when they cause a crash.
Drinking too much can cause many problems for drivers and the following often may occur:
  • Lack of focus or reflexes
  • Driving the wrong way
  • Not turning on headlights or turn signals
  • Driving too fast or too slow
  • Failing to stay in a lane
  • Swerving or other erratic driving
Because of the increase in drunk drivers during the holiday season,2 the risks for serious or even deadly collisions also increases.
What To Do if You are in a Drunk Driving Accident
If a drunk driver crashes into you and you suffer injuries, you have the right to hold them liable for all of your losses, including medical bills, pain and suffering, lost earnings, among others. There are certain things you can do to protect those rights after a drunk driving accident.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident.
  • Make sure law enforcement officers come to the scene so they can determine whether the driver needs to be arrested and can put evidence of intoxication in their report.
  • Discuss your crash with an attorney who has experience handling drunk-driving cases.
Find Out how our Chicago Car Accident Lawyers can Help You
At the Chicago office of Abels & Annes, P.C., our auto accident attorneys have extensive experience handling cases involving drunk drivers. We want you to stay safe and enjoy your holidays, though in the event of a crash, please call us for help at 312-924-7575 for a free consultation.
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