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Slip and Falls Can Happen Anywhere

When you think of a slip and fall accident, you may think of a person at a grocery store slipping on some type of liquid or food that spilled on the ground. While grocery stores are a hotbed for slip and fall accidents, this type of accident can happen anywhere and cause serious injury when you least expect it. The following are some examples of common locations for slip and falls.

  • Retail stores – Any type of retail store can be a prime location for a slip and fall, especially big box stores. These stores can have clothes or other merchandise that may have fallen onto the floor, as well as debris from customers that may go unnoticed for an unacceptable period of time. In addition, employees may commonly forget to put out warning signs for wet floors or other potentially hazardous conditions.
  • Hotels and resorts – These facilities are often large structures, making it easier for slip and fall hazards to go unnoticed and unaddressed. In addition, guests using pools or hot tubs may leave trails of water on the floor, hotels may fail to replace damaged carpets or flooring, and stairwells may have inadequate lighting—all of which can lead to slip and falls.
  • Restaurants – Restaurants are another common location for slip and falls, as food and drink is regularly spilled and not cleaned up in a timely fashion. Also, restaurants may try to crowd tables or may have other hazards that can cause patrons to trip or slip and fall down.
  • At work – Almost any type of workplace can have hazards that may cause someone to slip and fall. There may be tools, sawdust, debris, or other materials lying around on the floor that can lead to accidents. Hospitals are especially dangerous workplaces that present a significant risk of slip and falls for healthcare workers. Even office buildings may have wet floors in bathrooms or kitchen areas that may cause people to fall and be injured.

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