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How Social Media Use Can Affect Your Illinois Car Accident Case

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Social media posts like Facebook and Twitter allow users to share pictures, videos, and other content with hundreds or even thousands of people at a moment’s notice. Considering the fact that many users post multiple times a day regarding basic everyday occurrences, involvement in a car accident may definitely seem like a “post worthy” event.

While this thinking is certainly understandable, it is important to keep in mind that the things you post on social media sites could affect your legal rights. Consequently, it is a good idea to stay away from social media after an accident, at least until you speak to an attorney about your case and understand exactly how your posts could affect your case.

Social Media Posts Can Be Used as Evidence

To understand how your social media activity could affect your case, keep in mind that the things that you post could be used as evidence, either in court or in settlement1 negotiations. For example, if you posted something like “Just got into a car accident after sending a text!” it is fairly certain that it could be used as evidence of the fact that you were distracted at the time the accident occurred.

Another way in which your social media posts could be used against you has to do with establishing the severity of your injuries. For instance, if you are unable to work because of a severe whiplash injury but post pictures of yourself engaging in activities that require you to move around or which give the impression that your injuries are not as severe as they are, it could be used as evidence that you are overstating the extent or nature of your injuries, even if this is not the case.

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