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Car accidentAs a Chicago car accident lawyer, I’m often asked what a car accident case is worth and what determines the value.

Short answer:

  • Liability;
  • Insurance; and
  • Damages

This is not an all-inclusive list, but in my opinion these are the big three.

Liability:  Good Facts Win Cases

Liability, meaning who’s at fault? Which driver caused the accident? Is it easy to determine fault, or is liability contested? Liability is very important. You don’t need to be totally free of negligence to pursue a claim, but it’s a lot easier to prosecute a case if it’s clear the defendant caused the accident.

For example, normally a rear-end accident is a much easier case to pursue than a contested “he said, she said” red light case. A drunk driver crossing the centerline is a better case than trying to figure out who had the right away coming out of a four way stop sign. It’s always better to have good facts on your side.

Great Auto Insurance Helps

Quality auto insurance is very important. There are good auto insurance companies, middle of the road, and substandard carriers. Continue reading →