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Chicago Car Accident Lawyers

Chicago’s roads and highways are some of the worst in the nation. Whether racing along the Kennedy Expressway or crawling down Michigan Avenue or Lake Shore Drive at noon, you run the risk of getting rear-ended by another driver who isn’t paying sufficient attention. Fortunately, you’re probably entitled to financial compensation for your injuries—but only if you can show the other driver is at fault for hitting you.

Causes of Rear-End Collisions

It’s a myth that the rear driver is always responsible for a rear-end collision. Instead, a driver who didn’t exercise sufficient care while following you may face legal responsibility. In some situations, the lead driver may have committed a careless act. For example, a driver might cut off a vehicle behind him and then slam on the brakes, not leaving enough time for the trailing vehicle to slow down or stop. In these situations, the lead driver might face liability for the accident.