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Truck Drivers can be Dangerous in Chicago Winter Weather

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As the temperatures continue to drop in Chicago, we all know there is winter weather ahead. While the snow-covered city can be beautiful, snow and ice can wreak havoc on traffic and the safety of the roads. One particular danger in winter weather is the number of large commercial trucks passing through Chicago on the highways.

Semi-trucks and other tractor-trailers can cause devastating injuries and damage if they crash. For this reason, truck drivers should take special care to ensure they are being safe in particularly dangerous roads conditions, including potentially slick or icy roads. The following are some specific factors truck drivers should think about when driving in Chicago winter weather.

  • Speeding – Trucks are heavier (1) than passenger cars and therefore can have more traction on the road, making truck drivers feel more comfortable to travel at faster speeds than the traffic around them when the weather is bad. However, that additional weight also makes it a lot more difficult to stop or slow down, especially if the roads are icy. Truck drivers should always slow down significantly in bad weather.
  • Inspection and maintenance – Trucking companies and drivers should ensure that all tires, brakes, and other essential truck parts are inspected and replaced if necessary before winter weather hits.
  • Proper equipment – Truck drivers often travel through many different climates, sometimes going from the sunny beaches to snowy mountains in one trip. Therefore, they should always be prepared to encounter adverse weather conditions such as snow or ice. They should have chains for tires and should take additional steps to ensure their trailers are visible in low-visibility due to weather.


Unfortunately, many truck drivers fail to take the above steps. Some may be overly-confident in their driving abilities and may not believe they have to take extra precautions in bad weather. Whatever the reason may be, if a negligent truck driver causes you injuries in a winter weather crash, your first call should be to discuss your rights with an experienced truck accident lawyer.

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