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Why was Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act1 makes employers liable for most of the injuries sustained by workers on the job in our state. However, too many injured workers make claims for workers’ compensation benefits and are shocked to learn that their benefits have been denied. The good news is that there are ways to appeal a denial of a workers’ comp claim. In order to do so, it is essential to fully understand the reason for your denial.


The following are only some of the reasons your claim may have been denied.


Mistakes on Your Claim


The process of making a claim for workers’ compensation in Illinois is specific and has many requirements. If you miss a deadline or submit an incomplete or inaccurate claim form, you can be denied. The same is true if you fail to provide the necessary documents to support the information in your claim. Having the help of a skilled attorney during the claims process can help prevent mistakes and subsequent denials.


Doubts Regarding the Cause of Your Injury


In order to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, your injury must have happened on the job. In some cases, your employer or the workers’ compensation insurance company may suspect that your injury happened in another way but that you claimed it happened at work in order to obtain benefits. To appeal this denial, you will have to present evidence showing causation between your job duties and your injury.


Doubts Regarding the Severity of Your Injury 


Other claims may be partially or completely denied because your employer doubts that your injury was as severe as your claim. In such cases, your employer may dispute the following:


  • The extent of the medical treatment that was necessary
  • The amount of time that was actually necessary to be absent from work
  • Whether your injury caused a disability under the law



Your attorney and doctor can work together to provide evidence supporting the severity of your injury.


Discuss Your Situation with our Chicago Workers’ Compensation Attorneys


Injured workers often depend on benefits to support themselves while they recover. If you have received any type of denial, call the experienced Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers at Abels & Annes, P.C. at 312-924-7575 for help today.





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