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During Spring, Consider these Bike Safety Tips

As the temperatures rise, more and more people will set out on their bicycles in Chicago. Whether you are riding for fun, for transportation, or for fitness, cycling in the springtime in the Windy City is always enjoyable. It is important, however, for all bicyclists to be aware of safe practices when they ride near traffic so they can avoid a crash whenever possible.

While there are many safety tips that can help prevent crashes, the truth is that no matter how prudent you may be on your bicycle, you cannot control the actions of others. Accidents can and will happen. For your safety, it is important that you know the following tips for what to do in the event you are injured on a bike ride.

  • Seek help for your injuries – Perhaps the most important consideration after a crash is your physical health. Many bicyclists are seriously injured and require immediate medical help. You should always contact emergency personnel to know whether your injuries need to be addressed immediately. Even if you can stay at the scene of the accident, you should have your injuries examined as soon as possible following the accident so that you receive the treatment you need.
  • Gather information – Just like you do in any type of traffic accident, you should gather the names and contact information of the people involved as well as any witnesses to the crash. Document any information relevant to the accident and take pictures of the scene if possible. Give your side of the story to police officers so they will put it in their report.
  • Call an attorney before you call the insurance company – Your first instinct may be to call the insurance company to make a claim. However, you should know that anything you say to the insurance company could be misconstrued in a way that limits the company’s liability to you. It is always better to have a personal injury lawyer communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and handle the claims process for you.

Find Out How a Chicago Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help You

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