Elmiron Eye Damage Lawsuit Attorneys

The medication Elmiron (generic name: pentosan polysulfate sodium) has been under scrutiny lately because of the medication's connection to numerous vision problems. Some of this controversy surrounding the drug’s potential to cause harm has led to defective drug lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Elmiron. Victims who have experienced eye damage or vision problems related to this drug may be eligible to pursue financial compensation for damages. Contact Abels & Annes to get a free, no-obligation Elmiron eye damage case review.

What is Elmiron and What Is It Used For?

A chronic bladder problem called interstitial cystitis (also known as painful bladder syndrome) causes people who have this condition to feel pain and pressure around the bladder. This pressure or pain is associated with trying to hold back urine and causes symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to severe burning and a constant, urgent need to urinate. People suffering from interstitial cystitis may urinate up to 60 times a day. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure or a specific known cause of the condition. Some researchers believe that it stems from a defect in the protective lining of the bladder. Others believe that problems with the pelvic nerves is what causes sufferers to feel the need to urinate more often than most people. And yet, neither of these, or any of the other proposed causes, are proven. Because of this, people who suffer from the disorder are often left searching for answers to this painful and disruptive condition. Elmiron is prescribed to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. It is thought to stop swelling and irritation in walls of the bladder. The drug has been available in the US market since 1996.

Elmiron Injuries and Side Effects

The main side effect that has been affecting Elmiron patients has to do with damage to the retina. The retina is the part of the eye that uses light to communicate what you’re seeing to the brain. The macula, part of the retina, helps you to see fine details like printed materials, facial characteristics, and distinct colors. Elmiron has been documented to damage these parts of the eye. This can cause conditions ranging from minor vision impairments to blindness. Maculopathy, a disease that affects the macula, can develop from taking Elmiron. And unfortunately, it isn’t curable. This condition can lead to seeing blurry spots and dark spots. It can also obscure colors and distort images and objects. A type of maculopathy called macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss. Macular degeneration deteriorates the retinas, making it difficult for the eyes to adapt to darker environments. As the disease progresses, it can eventually lead to blindness. In fact, it is the top cause of irreversible blindness around the world.

What Do We Know About the Elmiron Lawsuits?

Various Elmiron lawsuits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals are currently in progress. Numerous long-term users from all over the country are alleging that their vision problems stem from taking the drug. The details of their stories are too similar to ignore. For example, a New York woman who took Elmiron from 2003 to 2020 developed maculopathy during her long-term use of the drug. This patient had no reason to believe her prescription was not safe. She wasn’t warned about the possibility of vision loss. Now she suffers from clouded and blurry vision. As of May 2020, she has filed a lawsuit against Janssen Pharmaceuticals for damage caused by Elmiron. Shortly after this lawsuit was filed, another Elmiron user filed a similar lawsuit against Janssen Pharmaceuticals. A Kansas woman, who also suffers from maculopathy, began taking Elmiron in 2005. She too alleges that neither her doctor nor she had been notified about this risk. After taking Elmiron from 2012 and 2019, another patient developed permanent retinal injury in both eyes. She is also currently pursuing a lawsuit as of May 2020. The number of Elmiron plaintiffs continues to grow. Recent studies have suggested that 25% of those who have used Elmiron extensively develop signs of eye damage.

Did Janssen Pharmaceuticals Know Elmiron was Dangerous?

A third-party study revealed that chronic exposure to Elmiron does in fact lead to maculopathy and retinopathy, which is damage to the blood vessels of the retina. This research began in 2015 and was released as early as 2018. In Canada, warning labels were added to Elmiron in 2019. Despite the known risks, Janssen Pharmaceuticals did not begin to include warning labels on Elmiron in the United States until June of 2020 after lawsuits began to emerge.

Do I Qualify for an Elmiron Lawsuit?

If you’ve taken Elmiron for multiple years, and you’ve developed eye problems, you may qualify for a lawsuit against the manufacturer. You can discuss the details of your case with a defective medication attorney to get information about your legal options.

Possible Compensation for an Elmiron Lawsuit

Vision is critical in almost everything we do. Visual impairments can prevent us from participating in everyday activities like driving, working, enjoying our favorite shows, and seeing the faces of our loved ones. Because the effects of Elmiron are far-reaching, there are several types of compensation that could be available to you. If you believe Elmiron caused your vision problems, you can potentially collect compensation for medical expenses, lost wages for missed work, and permanent disability. It is common to feel anxious and uncertain about the future when your vision declines. You may have to rely on other people to care for you and make adjustments to your routines. This can strip you of your confidence and independence and also require out-of-pocket expenses for in-home assistance. Since your quality of life is impacted, you can potentially pursue additional compensation for pain and suffering.

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