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School Bus Accidents May be the Result of a Negligent Hire

The individuals who take our children to and from school on school buses day in and day out have a tremendous responsibility, as do the school districts and administrators who choose to hire them. Unfortunately, there are sometimes mistakes made in the hiring process that can result in less-than-qualified individuals getting behind the wheel of a school bus, putting innocent children at risk.

Worse still, sometimes carelessness on the part of the person in charge of the hiring process misses warning signs that a particular applicant has a drug or alcohol problem or a driving history that should immediately disqualify them from consideration.

When these kinds of errors are made and injuries occur as a result, injured victims can often recover compensation from the district or private entity that made the negligent1 hiring decision.

What are Some of the Specific Characteristics that Could Be Used to Prove the Negligent Hiring of a School Bus Driver?

Here are some of the characteristics of a school bus driver that could potentially be used to establish that a school was negligent in hiring him or her to drive a school bus:

  • A history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • A poor driving record
  • A criminal record
  • DUI2 convictions
  • Lack of the requisite licensure (a commercial driver’ s license (CDL ( with an “S” endorsement)
  • A history of mental illness
  • Serious health conditions

After a school bus accident caused by the school bus driver, it is important to conduct a thorough investigation in order to identify all parties that could potentially be held liable. When you retain an attorney, he or she will investigate the bus driver’s history and record and determine whether it is possible that the district was negligent in hiring him or her.

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