Injuries at School and Negligent Supervision

February 21, 2017 | David Abels
Injuries at School and Negligent Supervision When your child heads into school each day, you trust that they will come home safe and injury-free. However, children are injured at school in the Chicago area on a regular basis. Whether or not you can hold a school liable for your child’s injuries depends on several factors. For example, if your child was injured simply because they were clumsy or acting rambunctiously, the school likely has no responsibility in the accidental injury. On the other hand, if the school or an adult affiliated with the school caused the injury by acting in a negligent manner, you may have legal rights. The following are three examples of school-related accidents for which schools may face legal liability:
  • School bus injuries – Like any other type of motor vehicle, school buses may crash and passengers can be injured. Crashes may be the fault of the bus driver, another driver, or a manufacturer, among other parties.
  • Slip and falls – If a school has slippery floors or other hazards in the hallways that cause a child to slip and fall, the school may be deemed negligent due to inadequate inspection and maintenance of the premises.
  • Playground injuries – If a school’s playground is not properly inspected or compliant with safety regulations and a student gets hurt, the school may be held responsible.

Holding a School Liable for Negligent Supervision

One of the major roles of teachers is not simply to educate your child but also to provide adequate supervision while they are on school premises throughout the day. In some situations, injuries can occur because a teacher or administrator was not properly supervising your child. This is common in cases of bullying or harm caused by trespassers in the school. If your child attends public school, however, there may be some complications in pursuing a legal claim against the school due to governmental immunity laws.2 Such a case requires the assistance of a law firm that knows how to best handle this type of case.

A Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer can Assist You

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