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November 25, 2022

Driving Drowsy Is as Bad as Driving Drunk

By Dave Abels
Driving Drowsy Is as Bad as Driving Drunk

Drowsy Driving Accidents in Chicago There are many reasons why tired drivers are on the road. Whether someone is on a road trip, driving long work shifts in a truck, coming off the night shift, or has a sleep disorder, drowsiness can often affect people behind the wheel. While most people do not worry about […]

Posted in: Car Accidents

​Is It Worth Suing an Uninsured Driver?

An uninsured driver accident brings many questions, especially how you will get compensation for the losses you incur. The good news: you can still recover payment for medical bills, wage loss, disfigurement, and more with the help of a local uninsured motorist accident attorney. All drivers must legally have car insurance, but one in eight […]

Posted in: Uncategorized

​Concussion Injury Claims

Anytime you suffer a head injury that causes you to lose consciousness for a few seconds or several minutes, go to a hospital—you may have sustained a concussion. Other signs include feeling dazed, confused, or disoriented while conscious after head trauma. One concussion also makes victims more vulnerable to future concussions and repeated trauma that […]

Posted in: Brain Injury

When Should I Call A Truck Accident Lawyer Large trucks weigh about 20 times more than the average car. Due to this, truck accidents can result in devastating injuries and exorbitant medical bills. In the direct aftermath of the accident, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Should your first call be […]

Posted in: Truck Accidents

November 16, 2022

Who Is the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for Me?

By Dave Abels

An accident often leads to chaos and confusion, and you might be unsure where to turn. It is normal to feel angry and fearful about what will happen next, and while you address the feelings from your accident, you will also need to deal with the legal aspects. You must find a personal injury lawyer […]

Posted in: Personal Injury

November 15, 2022

Timeline of a Personal Injury Case

By Dave Abels

Timeline of a Personal Injury Case An accident can result in severe injuries that can alter your life forever. After you suffer an injury, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against the negligent party and obtain compensation. Most cases will settle before reaching a trial, but knowing the personal injury timeline […]

Posted in: Personal Injury

How Much Does It Cost to Talk to a Lawyer?

How Much Does is Cost to Talk to an Attorney? Many people who need legal help are concerned about how much it will cost to speak to an attorney. This is particularly common if you suffer an accidental injury and need to seek compensation. Fortunately, most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations, so you do […]

Posted in: Personal Injury

November 13, 2022

PTSD Can Develop After a Serious Accident

By Dave Abels
PTSD Can Develop After a Serious Accident

PTSD After an Accident PTSD is closely associated with the military, but other traumatic incidents, such as car accidents, can cause the disorder. It is treatable, and with a lawyer’s help, you can obtain compensation for the condition. Thus, after a severe accident, discuss your mental state with a medical or psychological professional and a […]

November 12, 2022

Slips and Falls Are Common at Busy Stores

By Dave Abels
Slips and Falls Are Common at Busy Stores

Slip & Falls During Busy Store Hours Residents enter stores to purchase items, which is usually an uneventful experience. You go to the store because you need something and not to suffer an injury. Unfortunately, when stores are busy, mistakes can happen, and you should not be left to deal with the consequences because stores […]

October 25, 2022

What to Expect Physically After a Car Accident

By Dave Abels

Like the rest of the United States, Chicago has experienced a rise in car accidents. Whether you want to blame the increase on the number of cars traveling on the road or other factors, one thing is certain: your car accident can result in costly losses. Many people suffer severe injuries in crashes that require […]

Posted in: Car Accidents

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