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Birth Injury Lawyer in Chicago

While modern medicine has made labor and delivery significantly safer than it was in the past, the negligence of medical professionals can still cause birth injuries that can cause serious medical problems in infants. In some cases, these mistakes can result in disabilities and other issues that may affect a person for the rest of his or her life.

Medical malpractice is a type of professional negligence that is actionable under Illinois law.1 Here are some of the examples of the kinds of medical malpractice that can lead to birth injuries. For more information, call our office today to discuss your case.

Failure to Monitor Fetal Vital Signs

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Back injuries can be extremely debilitating and prevent people from engaging in activities that they enjoy or even going to work. Particularly serious back injuries can even require months of bed rest and may require surgery to correct, often significantly affecting a person’s quality of life and emotional state.

Because of these potentially serious ramifications, back injury victims are often entitled to significant compensation under Illinois law.1 As is the case with other types of injuries, whether victims can recover from a third party depends on whether the accident that caused their injury was the result of negligence. Here are three types of accidents that can often result in serious back injuries that often entitle victims to compensation.

Car Accidents

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Train Accident Lawyers in Chicago

Trains serve an important purpose in the United States, regularly transporting both cargo and passengers across the country. Because trains travel at high speeds with heavy loads, the vehicles must be heavy and powerful. While these qualities are good for transportation purposes, they also pose a risk of devastating damage and injury should a train be involved in an accident.

Many different people can suffer serious injuries and losses in a train accident, including:

  • Passengers on a train that crashes
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Car Accident Lawyer in Illinois

Social media posts like Facebook and Twitter allow users to share pictures, videos, and other content with hundreds or even thousands of people at a moment’s notice. Considering the fact that many users post multiple times a day regarding basic everyday occurrences, involvement in a car accident may definitely seem like a “post worthy” event.

While this thinking is certainly understandable, it is important to keep in mind that the things you post on social media sites could affect your legal rights. Consequently, it is a good idea to stay away from social media after an accident, at least until you speak to an attorney about your case and understand exactly how your posts could affect your case.

Social Media Posts Can Be Used as Evidence

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Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers in Chicago

With summer around the corner, many people in the Chicago area are looking forward to spending time at their local swimming pool, relaxing, talking to friends and family, and getting a break from the heat. In addition, for many people, visiting the pool is a year-round activity, as many community centers, gyms, apartment complexes, and private homes have indoor pools.

Swimming is undoubtedly an excellent form of exercise and a great way for kids and adults alike to relax and have fun. Unfortunately, it also exposes people to a significant risk of serious injury. Here are some of the ways in negligent1 pool maintenance can result in serious injury.

Improper Storage or Use of Chemicals

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School Bus Accident Lawyers in Chicago

The individuals who take our children to and from school on school buses day in and day out have a tremendous responsibility, as do the school districts and administrators who choose to hire them. Unfortunately, there are sometimes mistakes made in the hiring process that can result in less-than-qualified individuals getting behind the wheel of a school bus, putting innocent children at risk.

Worse still, sometimes carelessness on the part of the person in charge of the hiring process misses warning signs that a particular applicant has a drug or alcohol problem or a driving history that should immediately disqualify them from consideration.

When these kinds of errors are made and injuries occur as a result, injured victims can often recover compensation from the district or private entity that made the negligent1 hiring decision.

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Dog Bite Lawyer in Illinois

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports1 that about 4.5 million dogs bite humans in the United States on an annual basis. While some dog bites are simply frightening, others can leave victims with severe injuries including torn tendons or muscles, puncture wounds, lacerations, and fractures, among others. In a particularly serious dog attack, a victim may require several surgeries and still may face the rest of their life with disfiguring scars.

Whether you need wound care for your dog bite or reconstructive surgery, you should always seek medical attention for infection prevention after a dog bite. The question then commonly arises: who can be held liable for the costs of treatment and your other injury-related losses?

Liability of the Dog Owner

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Drunk Driving Lawyers in Chicago

On March 17th, millions of people around the country will recognize St. Patrick’s Day by eating corned beef and cabbage, attending parades featuring bagpipers and floats, and generally celebrating Irish culture and heritage. In addition, like any other celebration in the United States, St. Patrick’s Day parties often involve the consumption of alcohol, particularly those with Irish roots such as Guinness and various brands of Irish Whiskey.

According to the International Business Times,1 Chicago has the 2nd largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the country and over one million people attend the parade. While dyeing the Chicago River green and celebrating the “Apostle of Ireland” may seem like harmless fun, the reality is that St. Patrick’s Day can result in significantly more drunk drivers on the road than on other days, putting all of us at risk.

Here are some of the ways you can reduce your risk of involvement in an accident caused by a drunk driver this St. Patrick’s Day.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Chicago

No one enjoys going to the doctor though it is often necessary for a variety of reasons. The last thing you should expect when you see any type of medical professional is to sustain additional injuries or experience preventable complications. Unfortunately, medical malpractice is common and victims can experience significant losses and pain and suffering as a result. The following are only three examples of how medical malpractice can affect you.

Failure to Diagnose

One of the main reasons we go to a doctor’s office or emergency department is for someone to identify whether something is wrong with your health. If you have symptoms of an illness or injury, a medical professional should have the training and judgment to perform the necessary tests and ask the right questions to correctly diagnose your condition and to rule out other possible misdiagnoses. This does not always happen, however, and some commonly misdiagnosed or undiscovered conditions include:1

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago

When your child heads into school each day, you trust that they will come home safe and injury-free. However, children are injured at school in the Chicago area on a regular basis. Whether or not you can hold a school liable for your child’s injuries depends on several factors.

For example, if your child was injured simply because they were clumsy or acting rambunctiously, the school likely has no responsibility in the accidental injury. On the other hand, if the school or an adult affiliated with the school caused the injury by acting in a negligent manner, you may have legal rights. The following are three examples of school-related accidents for which schools may face legal liability:

  • School bus injuries – Like any other type of motor vehicle, school buses may crash and passengers can be injured. Crashes may be the fault of the bus driver, another driver, or a manufacturer, among other parties.