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November 2, 2020

What is a Deposition in a Personal Injury Case?

By Dave Abels

A deposition is often referred to as an “out-of-court testimony” because they are used to question a party to the case, such as a witness, defendant, or plaintiff. A deposition occurs after your lawsuit has been filed but before your lawsuit goes to trial so that lawyers can gather first-hand accounts from those involved about […]

Posted in: Personal Injury

October 12, 2020

When Do I Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

By Dave Abels

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, in 2018 there were 319,146 crashes involving motor vehicles in Illinois. In the United States, there are approximately 37,000 car accidents deaths that occur each year. These accidents often occur on busy streets such as highways, interstates, and other major roads. They also can occur in parking lots, […]

October 9, 2020

How much is my truck accident case worth?

By Dave Abels

Getting into a truck accident can result in expensive medical bills and a lot of stress. These accidents often result in damages greater than the average car accident case, as these accidents have a tendency to leave people with more severe injuries. A passenger car weighs about 4,000 pounds on average, while the average commercial […]

Posted in: Truck Accidents

What Classifies as Personal Injury Personal injury refers to the type of a case in which a person’s body or mind has been injured. This can include injuries because of: Car accidents, Truck accidents, Bicycle accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Slip and fall injuries, Medical malpractice, or any other injury caused by someone else’s negligence or even […]

Posted in: Personal Injury

What Happens if a Truck Driver Leaves the Scene of an Accident?

Leaving the scene of a traffic accident is a crime, especially when a crash causes injuries, fatalities, or significant property damage. Truck accidents commonly cause that level of harm; which means that a truck driver who leaves the scene of a crash faces serious consequences, and that victims of the crash often need skilled legal […]

Posted in: Truck Accidents

What Can I Sue for in a Truck Accident?

A tractor trailer truck hauling a load can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. In a crash, all that weight inflicts massive damage on a smaller vehicle, often resulting in catastrophic and fatal injuries to the vehicle’s occupants. Victims of truck crashes have the right to take legal action seeking compensation from individuals, companies, and government […]

Posted in: Truck Accidents

Semi-Truck Accident Lawsuits: How Long Does It Take to Settle?

Trucks are a vital part of commerce; in fact, our economy would come to a standstill without them. Many of the goods and products necessary for modern life are delivered by trucks. The trucking industry also employs thousands of workers. However, there are negative consequences to having so many enormous vehicles on our roads and […]

Posted in: Truck Accidents

“Mild” Concussion Symptoms

Concussions are a type of brain injury. Doctors sometimes refer to them as a “mild” traumatic brain injury, but the truth is there is nothing mild about them. They are serious injuries that can cause long-term health and life consequences. Concussions can cause a wide variety of symptoms, but some symptoms are more common than […]

Posted in: Brain Injury

How to Get Paid After a Car Accident

If you suffered injuries in a car accident, then you are probably already aware of how quickly expenses can start to pile up. Many car accident victims face a sudden and unexpected avalanche of medical bills and extra expenses, while also missing work to heal. Some find they cannot return to work at all because […]

Posted in: Car Accidents

How Much Does It Cost to Talk to a Lawyer?

A common reason people give for not calling a lawyer after they get hurt in an accident is cost. They worry that they simply can’t afford to talk to a lawyer, especially not when they have mounting medical bills to deal with, and have missed work and gone without a paycheck because of their injuries. […]

Posted in: Personal Injury

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