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March 30, 2017

Chicago Spinal Cord Injury FAQ – Part 1

By Dave Abels
Chicago Spinal Cord Injury FAQ – Part 1

How Serious are Spinal Cord Injuries? A spinal cord injury1 is among the most serious injuries a person can sustain. Because the spinal cord is the bundle of nerves that allows the brain to communicate with the rest of the body, any damage to it can result in serious complications, including paralysis below the site […]

Was Your Child’s Birth Injury the Result of Medical Malpractice?

While modern medicine has made labor and delivery significantly safer than it was in the past, the negligence of medical professionals can still cause birth injuries that can cause serious medical problems in infants. In some cases, these mistakes can result in disabilities and other issues that may affect a person for the rest of […]

Posted in: Medical Malpractice

Silent Recalls: Putting Consumer Safety at Risk

If you bought a product that was later found to be defective, you would know about it, right? Not necessarily. While manufacturers are forced to recall products when they are known to cause safety issues, many circumvent the process with a “silent recall.” Although known as a technical service bulletin, a silent recall allows manufacturers […]

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3 Kinds of Accidents that Can Result in Serious Back Injuries

Back injuries can be extremely debilitating and prevent people from engaging in activities that they enjoy or even going to work. Particularly serious back injuries can even require months of bed rest and may require surgery to correct, often significantly affecting a person’s quality of life and emotional state. Because of these potentially serious ramifications, […]

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March 16, 2017

Who is Liable for Train Accidents?

By Dave Abels
Who is Liable for Train Accidents?

Trains serve an important purpose in the United States, regularly transporting both cargo and passengers across the country. Because trains travel at high speeds with heavy loads, the vehicles must be heavy and powerful. While these qualities are good for transportation purposes, they also pose a risk of devastating damage and injury should a train […]

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How Social Media Use Can Affect Your Illinois Car Accident Case

Social media posts like Facebook and Twitter allow users to share pictures, videos, and other content with hundreds or even thousands of people at a moment’s notice. Considering the fact that many users post multiple times a day regarding basic everyday occurrences, involvement in a car accident may definitely seem like a “post worthy” event. […]

Posted in: Car Accidents

Poor Maintenance Can Cause Swimming Pool Accidents

With summer around the corner, many people in the Chicago area are looking forward to spending time at their local swimming pool, relaxing, talking to friends and family, and getting a break from the heat. In addition, for many people, visiting the pool is a year-round activity, as many community centers, gyms, apartment complexes, and […]

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School Bus Accidents May be the Result of a Negligent Hire

The individuals who take our children to and from school on school buses day in and day out have a tremendous responsibility, as do the school districts and administrators who choose to hire them. Unfortunately, there are sometimes mistakes made in the hiring process that can result in less-than-qualified individuals getting behind the wheel of […]

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February 28, 2017

Dog Bite Liability in Illinois

By Dave Abels
Dog Bite Liability in Illinois

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports1 that about 4.5 million dogs bite humans in the United States on an annual basis. While some dog bites are simply frightening, others can leave victims with severe injuries including torn tendons or muscles, puncture wounds, lacerations, and fractures, among others. In a particularly serious dog […]

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Watch Out for Drunk Drivers this St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17th, millions of people around the country will recognize St. Patrick’s Day by eating corned beef and cabbage, attending parades featuring bagpipers and floats, and generally celebrating Irish culture and heritage. In addition, like any other celebration in the United States, St. Patrick’s Day parties often involve the consumption of alcohol, particularly those […]

Posted in: DUI Accidents

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