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Broken bone and fracture lawyers

Phoenix broke bone and fracture lawyers at Abels & Annes frequently represent plaintiffs who have suffered a broken bone (fracture) in an accident. There are several categories for fractures, such as a complete fracture (where a bone breaks in two), a compound fracture, also known as an open fracture (bone breaks the skin), and a simple fracture. Simple fractures can consist of hairline, stress, oblique, comminuted and impacted.

Fractures can occur when trauma in an accident is more powerful than the bone itself. The likelihood of incurring a broken bone can sometimes depend on your age. Kids obviously can sustain broken bones, but usually less complicated fractures as compared to an adult. As you grow older, bones often can be more brittle, and a fall that might not hurt a child could seriously injure someone more senior.

Some broken bones are more severe than others. Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers often help people that had to have surgery to repair breaks. One type of procedure is an open reduction internal fixation (ORIF). In this type of surgery, the fracture is repaired by securing it with a rod, screws and/or plates. In some cases the hardware temporarily remains in the body, but sometimes it can be permanent.

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Common Causes of Broken Bones

Any type of accident can result in a broken or fractured bone but there are some accidents that are more likely to cause breaks than others. One of the most common causes of a broken bone is a car accident. When two or more vehicles collide, the amount and direction of force can result in a broken arm, leg, skull, ribs, or even vertebra in the back or neck, to name a few. While cars have proved a useful tool when moving from one place to another, people are not designed to absorb the impact associated with a crash, meaning that in some accidents the force is too great for bones to endure, causing a fracture.

Broken Bones Due To Car Accidents

As with other types of injuries, car accidents at high speeds are more likely to produce broken bones than accidents at slower speeds. This is true when the speed of each vehicle involved is considered and not merely the vehicle in which a victim is riding. For example, a driver who is stopped at a red light and not moving at all may still be likely to suffer a broken bone if his vehicle is struck at a high rate of speed by another driver.

Broken Bones Due To Premises Liability Accidents

Another very common type of accident to result in a broken bone is a slip or trip and fall. This is the name given to any number of accidents that begin with a victim slipping or stumbling and falling to the ground. Common causes of slip and falls include snow, ice, wet floors, broken stairs, broken curbs, unlevel surfaces, and defective walking paths. Sip and falls also tend to occur in areas where the ground or floor may be littered with objects that pose a threat, including super markets. When someone begins to slip or stumble, it is an instinct to brace oneself on a nearby support or to break a fall by placing arms and hands towards the ground. This tactic may save a victim from a more significant injury but can result in a broken arm or wrist as well as shoulder damage.

Slip and falls sometimes are just accidents with no fault placed on anyone. Yet other times, an owner, operator, or controller of property enabled a dangerous condition to exist and therefore is responsible for any injuries that result. The facts surrounding each slip and fall are important and will determine whether or not it was truly an accident or whether it was negligence that caused injuries.

Warehouse and assembly line workers are also likely to suffer from broken bones. Many of these employees are required to lift, carry, and move heavy products from one area of a plant to another. During these activities, a simple error on the mistake of an employee can result in an injury to himself or another worker, including a broken bone. Factory workers are prone to broken fingers and arms as well as other broken bones, depending on the type of accident involved.

Broken Bones Due To Construction Accidents

The same is true for employees in other professions including those in medical professions and construction. Nurses and nurse's assistants often must react immediately and help lift or maneuver patients which can lead to injuries of their own. Construction workers, on the other hand, work in dangerous environments with heavy machinery, crumbling structures, and moving products, all of which can lead to a broken bone.

What Type of Relief is Available?

Gary Annes Phoenix broken bone & fracture Lawyer
Gary Annes, Phoenix broken bone Injury Attorney

If you have suffered a broken bone in an accident, you may be entitled to bring a claim for your damages including any medical bills you incurred. These civil claims let victims seek a financial recovery to compensate the victim for any losses that were sustained and can be brought against the person or company responsible for the accident. In some cases, multiple people or companies are at-fault for an accident that results in injuries. In those cases, a victim may be able to bring claims against each person or entity responsible so that the victim can be fully compensated.In other cases, the responsible person may be unknown or may not be able to be found. In these case, there is still the possibility of a recovery and a victim may still be able to receive compensation. As each case is different, it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your injury.

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