Chain Reaction Auto Accidents in Phoenix, AZ

Chain Reaction Accidents in Phoenix Streets

Chain reaction crashes, often referred to as multi-car accidents or pile up accidents, can cause serious injuries and in some cases, can cause the untimely death of accident victims. Chain reaction accidents put drivers and passengers at risk because the larger number of vehicles involved in an accident and the greater number of people that may be injured. Learn more about how to keep you and your loved ones safe with our Phoenix motor vehicle accident lawyers.

Why Car Accidents Are Dangerous

In any car crash, the speed and the size of the vehicles involved are important in determining the overall impact of the collision as well as predicting any resulting damage to the vehicles. Physics explains that when cars are traveling faster or when vehicles are of a heavier weight, the impact in a crash will be greater and therefore greater damage to the car likely will result. When more than two cars are involved in a crash, the chances for significant damage increase.

But damage to the vehicles does not always translate directly to whether or not the occupants of a car are injured. Lawyers routinely see accidents with substantial damage to the cars but fortunately with no injuries to any occupants, and conversely, with little damage to the vehicles but significant injuries to those involved.

Causes of Chain Reaction Accidents

Nearly any factors can accumulate and lead to a chain reaction crash but some behaviors are more likely than others to cause these accidents. Poor weather conditions are one of the biggest factors that lead to a multi-vehicle crash.

Weather-related Chain Reaction AccidentsWhether it is rain, fog, a monsoon, or, if you are traveling up north, snow or ice, if weather conditions are less than ideal, accidents are more likely to occur. Some of these accidents may even be unavoidable and may not be due to the negligence of one or more of the drivers involved, but in most cases, driver negligence plays a big factor, even if the weather is poor. That is because inclement weather demands drivers act cautiously and with care and failing to do so may be negligent. When a driver is traveling too fast for conditions or fails to leave appropriate distance between the driver's vehicle and another car in front, poor weather may induce a crash that otherwise would not have occurred.

Changing Conditions Causing Chain Reaction Accidents

Traffic in Phoenix and the surrounding Valley can be extremely congested. Whether you are traveling on a freeway or a back road, the driving conditions can go from clear to congested in a matter of seconds. Drivers that do not pay attention to changing traffic conditions are likely to continue driving too fast and may cause an accident involving multiple vehicles. This occurs when traffic on a road becomes congested, meaning vehicles are much closer to each other than they usually would be. When one of those cars slams into the car in front of them, the close proximity of other cars can cause a chain reaction that damages many other cars and possibly injures many more people than otherwise would be injured in a two-car accident.

Distracted Driving Can Cause Chain Reaction Accidents

Similarly, distracted drivers are prone to cause a chain reaction. One of the best examples of this is the increased number of accidents caused by texting driving. Every year, thousands of Arizona drivers take their eyes off the road to send an unimportant text and fail to notice a vehicle slowing or stopping in front of them. Being distracted behind the wheel is the cause of thousands of chain reaction crashes across the country every year, and unfortunately, it is completely avoidable.

Drunk Driving Causing Chain Reaction Accidents

There are many reasons it is illegal to drink alcohol and drive in Arizona. But, the biggest reason that drinking and driving is illegal is because alcohol is a depressant and it lowers a driver's ability to think, respond, and act while behind the wheel.

A driver that is less able to process information in a timely fashion is more likely to act too slowly, leading to a rear-end collision, a run stop sign or stop light, or even failure to yield at an intersection, all of which can lead to a multi-car crash and potentially causing injuries.

Is a Claim Possible in a Chain Reaction Crash?Anytime the negligence of someone else causes you to become injured in a crash, the laws in Phoenix may entitle you to bring a claim for your damages. These claims can be broad and can include all expenses you have been forced to incur for your injuries, including your medical and nursing bills, lost wages from time missed from work, and even your pain and suffering.

These claims must be brought within a specified period of time after an accident in order to comply with Arizona's statute of limitations. Usually, car accidents victims have 2 years from the date of the incident to seek compensation.

In most chain reaction accidents, a claim for personal injuries is possible. Generally, these claims are brought against the at-fault driver, or the driver who caused the accident. In many cases but not in all, the responsible driver is the one who causes the initial impact that starts a multi-vehicle accident.

Getting Compensation for a Chain Reaction Accident in Phoenix

After an accident, you should consider speaking with a Phoenix injury lawyer who can help you understand whether you have a claim. Often, claims can be brought against multiple drivers involved in an accident, maximizing your potential recovery and enabling you to receive proper compensation for your damages.

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