Common Car Accident Injuries In Phoenix AZ

The nature of a car accident can vary greatly from a minor fender-bender to an extreme collision that causes a vehicle to be totaled. Some people believe that minor crashes are incapable of causing injuries to those involved and that massive accidents will always result in physical harm but the truth is much more complicated than this - any type of car crash can cause injuries and any type can allow those involved to walk away unscathed.

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Types of Car Accidents

Some types of collisions, including head-on collisions and rollover accidents, are more likely than others to leave drivers and passengers in need of medical attention and other assistance. Some types of actions by drivers. like distracted driving and driving under the influence of alcohol, are more likely to lead to crashes than actions by responsible drivers. In the end, the results may look similar regardless of how the car accident happened or the form in which the collision took. If a victim is injured in a crash, that victim may be entitled to seek legal relief for the extent of the damages sustained.

Common Injuries in Car Accidents

No two car accidents are the same and the injuries that result often vary dramatically from case to case. However, there are some conditions that occur with regularity when a crash happens in the Phoenix area.

Lacerations and Cuts

The most common of these may be abrasions and bruises, often minor conditions that cause some discomfort and will resolve on their own. Some abrasions are more severe and will require cleaning and dressing by a medical professional or they may require additional treatment to close the wounds. Some bruises may involve a muscle or may even be a sign of a dire condition like internal bleeding so if the bruise seems significant, many victims may still need medical help in determining its severity and origin.

Neck and Back Injuries

Another common injury sustained in a car accident is damage to the neck. The forces that are created when one or more vehicles collide often mean that the body of a driver or passenger is stopped or significantly slowed at a quick rate, causing the neck to snap forward and backward, a condition often called whiplash. Though whiplash is a general term, it does conjure a visual depiction of what can be a serious injury. Neck pain may be a sign of muscle sprain or strain but often indicates a greater degree of harm like a protruding or herniated disc in the space between vertebrae.

Much like a neck injury, back injuries are common occurrences in traffic-related crashes.

The torso of a victim can engage in the same forward-and-backward snapping motion that can cause neck harm and the results can cause damage to an upper, middle, or lower back. From fatigue to nerve impingement to herniated discs, these injuries can linger for months or years after a crash and often can be difficult to resolve without significant and invasive medical treatment.

Additionally, back injuries tend to have a substantial impact on a victim's daily life as that person may be limited in her ability to transition from sitting to standing positions, carry objects of any particular weight, or engage in typical tasks like driving.

Broken Bones and Fractures

Collisions, especially those involving high speeds or those with a violent impact, may also cause broken or fractured bones to the victims who are involved in these incidents. Common sites for fractures include the arms, hands, legs, ribs, back/neck, and face though fractures can happen to any bone in the body.

Some broken bones are left alone to heal while others must be set and placed in a cast. Still others will never heal properly unless they are surgically reduced and possibly held in place with some form of fixation. Even after a broken bone heals, it is possible that the injury will cause additional harm including an increased risk of traumatic arthritis developing at the site of the break.

Fatalities Caused by Car Accidents

 The worst accidents with the worst results end in the death of one or more individuals. This is a harm that cannot be undone and can never be addressed fully as nothing can erase the suffering that is caused when a family member or loved one is taken away.

In addition to the suffering caused by losing a loved one to a car accident, the people left behind will be forced to endure additional damages in the form of unpaid medical expenses, funerary expenses, loss of companionship, and missed wages that the victim would have earned had he not been killed.

No one should have to suffer due to the negligence of another but unfortunately, this suffering is caused every day when a car accident happens in Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Glendale, or elsewhere in Maricopa County. While the fallout from these incidents cannot be erased, victims are endowed with legal rights that may entitle them to seek and obtain financial compensation to help return them to normal following a crash.

Common Damages from a Car Accident

Some of the damages a victim of a car accident injury can fight for include: compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Since a car accident can cause injuries that require many hours of medical treatment and large bills, car accident victims are eligible for compensation to cover past and future medical expenses.

Some accidents leave victims with long-term or permanent conditions requiring treatment, which may be covered by compensatory damages.

When a victim is unable to work due to medical intervention, the income that they would have earned had they worked is considered “lost.” That is money that victims require to live and support their families.

As for damage to a vehicle or other property, victims should not have to repair damage or replace property on their own when the damage is caused by another person.

Finally, the pain and suffering, or emotional distress, that comes out of a car accident may leave scars that doctors alone cannot heal. This type of damage is considered when determining the amount of compensation a victim is entitled to.

The right to seek relief cannot be barred by a responsible driver but it must be brought within a time period specified by law or it will be lost forever. If you have been injured, make sure your rights are protected by speaking with a Phoenix personal injury attorney and learning what options exist for you.

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