Left Turn Car Accidents

By the end of 2018, over five million people in Arizona had legal driver's licenses. Further, just under three million of these drivers reside in Maricopa County. At the same time, more than 7.5 million vehicles were registered in the state and more than half of those were standard passenger cars. With Arizona's growing population, it is anticipated that both the number of licensed drivers and the number of registered vehicles will continue to increase. This will create a greater demand on the roadways and lead to a greater number of car accidents in Arizona. Further, our Phoenix left turn accident lawyers know that intersection collisions may increase as well.

Intersection Accidents on the RiseAs these numbers continue to grow, so do the number of traffic accidents. This includes car accidents and motorcycle crashes in Phoenix. These collisions occur in various settings. However, almost 40 percent of them happen at intersections, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The reasons that intersections pose such a real threat should be apparent when thinking about intersections. It is a designated crossing path where vehicles traveling in opposite directions must occupy the same space, though not at the same time.

Additionally, motorists changing their direction at intersections with a right or a left turn increases the complexities of these crossings. This drastically increases the odds of a collision taking place.

Why Are Left Hand Turns a Common Causes of Accidents?When only considering intersection-related auto accidents, the greatest factor leading to those impacts are left-hand turns. Most of these crashes occur because a driver:

  • Fails to notice oncoming traffic
  • Fails to appreciate the speed at which oncoming traffic advances
  • Otherwise fails to follow the rules of the road

From a legal perspective, left turn accidents are almost always the fault of the driver attempting the turn.

A typical intersection is set up so that oncoming traffic proceeding straight through the crossing has the right-of-way. Meanwhile, those wishing to turn left against that traffic must yield and wait to turn until traffic clears. At times of heavy traffic, a motorist may be unable to complete a left hand turn during the green traffic signal. They may have to wait some time to proceed.

Because of this, many drivers take an aggressive approach when turning left. They may attempt the turn in risky situations, potentially causing a crash and almost always placing that turning motorist at-fault.

What Are Common Causes of Left Hand Turn Accidents in Phoenix?For its part, Phoenix and other cities in the Valley have taken numerous affirmative steps to plan the intersections and increase their safety. Nonetheless, left turn car crash lawyers in Phoenix know that accidents and injuries happen every day.

Driver Error Causes Left-Hand Turn AccidentsOne cause of left turn collisions is misjudgment on the part of the driver attempting the turn. Many intersections attempt to put space between a left turn lane and other lanes of direct traffic. However, the separation does not remove the need for good judgment on the part of a driver to safety execute a turn.

Often, it is difficult to determine the speed of an approaching vehicle. If a driver waiting to turn left erroneously believes an oncoming vehicle is traveling slower than it actually is, that turning motorist may enter the intersection. This places his or her vehicle into the path of the oncoming car, causing an impact.

Left-Hand Turn Accidents Caused by Failure to YieldA similar situation can occur at intersections that have traffic lights controlling left turns. Most often with a left turn arrow, these intersections can ensure that motorists clear the intersection even if there is no break in oncoming traffic. Yet if a turning driver fails to yield on a blinking turn signal, turns before the signal changes in the driver's favor, or fails to stop when the signal terminates for turning traffic, that driver may still be acting recklessly. He or she is placing a vehicle in the intersection when it is unsafe to do so, thereby threatening a collision.

Blind Spots Lead to Left-Hand Turn AccidentsSurprisingly, many motorists who cause left turn car accidents report that they never saw or never noticed the other vehicle. When the vehicle in the crash is a passenger car, a van, or a truck, the argument that another driver never saw it is difficult to accept. The claim may be more believable if the second vehicle is a motorcycle and therefore relatively small, but this is still not a valid excuse for causing a crash. It is the duty of every driver to respect the rights of others, including motorcyclists. Failing to do so may be negligence.

Contact a Left Turn Accident Attorney in PhoenixLeft turn accidents often involve vehicles traveling in opposite directions, and, as a result, the impacts of these collisions can be severe. Damage to the vehicles involved is likely as are personal injuries to drivers, passengers, and others in the area.

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