Taxi Cab Accidents

Taxi cabs present a convenient means of transportation in and around the greater Phoenix area. Decades ago, cabs were not that common, but today they can be seen on many of the busiest street corners that dot the city on any given day. Taxis are great for residents who do not drive or for those who are unable to drive but they also serve a vital means of transit to those who visit Phoenix.

Many people are unaware of the rules and regulations that govern the running of a taxi cab in the greater Phoenix area, but in truth, the applicable laws are stringent. The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures is partially responsible for enforcing these laws and for guaranteeing that the vehicles are safe for the roads. Until taxis meet all specified requirements, they will not be granted the sticker necessary to designate those vehicles as legally for hire.

Requirements of Taxi Cabs in Phoenix

To start, all taxi cab drivers must be legally licensed to do so in the state of Arizona. They also must register their vehicles with the state and must carry automobile insurance with a minimum policy limit of $300,000. If the vehicle has a greater passenger capacity than average, the requirement for insurance may be higher.

These insurance requirements exists to provide coverage to injured passengers and to those injured in other vehicles when a taxi cab is involved in a car accident or when another incident takes place that leaves victims injured, like striking a pedestrian or bicyclist.

All taxis must post their rates in text that is readable and must have a sealed taximeter for the benefit of those who utilize the taxi's services. Taxis also are required to have specific license plates and to be clearly marked as a taxi or as a cab if they want to operate in Arizona.

Reasons for Taxi Cab Accidents

Like other types of collisions, taxi cab accidents can occur for hundreds of different reasons. Some may be the fault of the taxi cab driver while others may be blamed on another motorist. In still other collisions, a failure beyond a driver's control may be to blame if a tire blows or if a mechanical failure takes place.

Taxi cab drivers tend to have a reputation for aggressiveness behind the wheel. Aggressive driving may be combined with increased or excessive speed to lead to dangerous situations that can place cab passengers at risk for a collision which may lead to injuries.

Even if a cab driver operates reasonably, it is still possible for a rear-end accident, head-on collision, or a rollover crash to happen and to affect those involved.

Taxis are often involved in collisions at intersections, whether those intersections are controlled by a stop sign or a traffic light. In these scenarios, a crash likely is the result of one or more driver failing to yield the right-of-way and placing a vehicle in the direct path of another.

Unfortunately, taxi cab collisions may also occur if a driver is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Though it is illegal to operate while intoxicated in Arizona, it happens every week in the city of Phoenix and many of those instances result in collisions.

Taxi Cab Accidents in Phoenix

The rules governing taxi cab accidents in Phoenix and in the State of Arizona are strict because they are designed to protect the victims who may be involved in collisions, among other instances.

The insurance requirements and minimum policy limits are much higher than the requirements for private passenger cars and vehicles in the state because there is much at risk in a taxi cab accident.

From the injuries to passengers to the injuries of pedestrians and even the harm that may befall those in separate cars, the insurance policies in place can enable those victims to obtain financial relief.

Illegal Taxi Cab Operations in Phoenix

Most taxi cabs comply with all necessary requirements and transport their passengers in a safe and reasonable manner. Unfortunately, some cabs on Phoenix roads operate illegally and without the necessary licensing and registration requirements, posing a threat not only to those drivers but to everyone in those cabs and on the roads near those cabs. When a collision with an unlicensed taxi occurs, it can be difficult for victims to know whether they have a valid claim for relief or who is responsible for their losses.

What to do After Being Injured by a Taxi Cab Accident

In Phoenix, the options following a taxi cab accident can be narrow or they can be immense depending on the facts of a specific collision and the parties involved. If you have been injured in a collision with a taxi cab or while a passenger in a taxi, call the personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. today toll free at (855) 749-5299 or locally at (602) 819-5191 and let us provide you with a free case consultation without any obligation on your part. We have a lawyer standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your call and to speak with you about your legal options and your legal rights.

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