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Mirena is the brand name of an interuterine device ("IUD") that is designed to prevent pregnancy and/or to treat other medical issues suffered by women. It first hit the American market in 2000 and it was billed as a long-acting reversible means of contraception. A Mirena IUD can prevent pregnancy in women for up to five years by releasing a slow flow of levonorgestrel, a hormone, into the uterus. It must be placed by a trained medical professional and must be removed in the same manner.

When it was first marketed, Mirena was advertised as being a safe and effective means to prevent pregnancy in women. Yet once it started being used, hundreds of women developed serious complications allegedly caused by the product including migration of the IUD and uterine perforation, often leading to emergency surgery and permanent damages.

Mirena was produced and marketed by Bayer, a well-known and often trusted name in American medicine. As an FDA approved contraception device, certain information was required to be disclosed to patients regarding the safety, efficacy, and potential side effects of Mirena, yet according to numerous women, the information was never disseminated. Failing to provide a safe product and failing to disclose side effects that were known or should have been known may hold the manufacturer of this birth control liable for the injuries that result.

Potentially Misleading Mirena Advertising

Upon its introduction in US markets, Mirena was heavily advertised through a number of popular mediums, including television commercials. The claims made in these ads have since been criticized as being misleading, inaccurate, and even dangerous in some cases. It has been argued that numerous women relied upon the claims made in these marketing campaigns when making the decision to use Mirena and, without the disclosure of possible side effects, that the use of this product led to harm.

Bayer received written correspondence by the FDA concerning its use of "Mirena Parties" in 2009. These parties were designed to introduce a group of women to the product and enable the education of potential clients by a representative loosely associated with Bayer, generally a nurse practitioner, who would conduct the party in a home or other semi-private setting. In presenting these parties, those in charge were required to follow a script that allegedly misrepresented the benefits of Mirena while downplaying or omitting some relevant potential side effects. Following correspondence from the FDA, Bayer discontinued these direct marketing campaigns but not before numerous women experienced them.

Common Mirena Side Effects and Complications

According to studies, approximately 2 in every 1,000 women who used Mirena reported that the device perforated their uterine lining. This occurs when Mirena migrates from its placed position and imbeds in the uterine wall, then further pushes through the exterior of the uterus. Perforation allows the IUD to travel to other parts of the body, including the abdomen, where it was never intended to be located.

In addition to uterine perforations, Mirena IUDs have been allegedly linked to ectopic pregnancies, birth defects in a child, pelvic inflammatory disease, infection, decreased libido, severe headaches, blurred or double vision, infertility, abnormal vaginal bleeding, idiopathic intracranial hypertension or pseudotumor cerebri, to name a few.

Some experts believe the extent of the possible injuries may not be currently known and may only come to light as more women step forward to share their experiences.

Legal Relief for Injuries Caused by Mirena IUDs

The users of Mirena IUDs who suffered harm related to the device may be entitled to legal relief for the damages they experienced. Through a product liability claim, these women may recover for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other injustices they were forced to suffer.

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