Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycles are not constructed to have the crash-worthiness of other passenger vehicles like cars, trucks, and vans. The lack of metal and other material surrounding the passenger area of a motorcycle means that there is little to nothing between a biker's body and the road in the event a collision occurs. Even if a biker wears a helmet and other protective gear and clothing, the odds are still high that a biker involved in a motorcycle accident in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, or the rest of the Valley will sustain some injuries. In the worst accidents, a biker may lose his or her life due to a crash.

Common Injuries Sustained in Phoenix Motorcycle Accidents

The nature of a motorcycle accident means that some injuries are more likely to result than others. Those caused by blunt force trauma and friction are particularly common but they are not the sole injuries stemming from a bike crash.

Head Injuries

Both open and closed head injuries are common after a motorcycle accident and can affect the operator or passenger on a bike.

An open head wound is defined as an injury that penetrates the skull and can be very serious or even fatal. In addition to harm to the brain itself, these wounds can bleed heavily, leading to a potential loss of consciousness by a victim.

In contrast, a closed head injury does not involve penetration of the skull but still can be dangerous. The most common and well-known closed head injury is a concussion, which is a traumatic brain injury caused by a shaking or violent motion of the brain against the inside of the skull.

Concussions are difficult to treat and can lead to lifelong injuries including memory loss, confusion, and problems with anger and aggression. Head injuries are most commonly caused by the head of a biker striking a fixed object, like the pavement or a sidewalk. However, head injuries can also be caused if a biker strikes his or her head against a motorcycle or another vehicle involved in a collision.

Fractured or Broken Bones

Another common injury sustained in a motorcycle collision is a fracture, commonly referred to as a broken bone. Among bikers, broken arms, legs, and ribs are particularly common in these accidents as these are the areas most likely to be injured during a collision.

Bikers who are thrown from their motorcycles tend to break their falls with their arms, leading to the possibility of broken bones in the upper arm, lower arms, wrist or even hand.

Further, striking the side of a vehicle often leads to broken ribs, a condition known to be very painful and to make even mundane tasks like breathing to be agony. In many cases, a motorcyclist is struck on the side of the bike by an oncoming vehicle. These collisions may make direct contact with a biker's leg, pinning the leg against the motorcycle and leading to fractures that may require surgical repair.

Road Rash and Abrasions

Road rash is the common term used for abrasions caused by skin rubbing against the surface of a road, highway, or expressway. Regardless of the material of the road, the nature of skin rubbing across a hard surface leads to heat and friction which causes a breakdown of the skin's outermost layers. In severe cases, road rash may penetrate all layers of a victim's skin, exposing interior soft tissues and possibly leading to contamination and infection of the road rash site. These injuries can be difficult to treat and often result in scars that will last for the remainder of a victim's life.

Nerve Damage

Unfortunately, any injury sustained in a motorcycle accident can lead to temporary or permanent nerve damage in a victim. Injuries to the back and neck are likely to lead to nerve impingement as are accidents that caused a biker to fall on top of his or her arm. Some nerve damage may not be treatable and may last for the victim's lifetime. These injuries can lead to intensive and expensive treatment, when possible, and can cause substantial financial hardship among a victim and his or her family.


The worst motorcycle accidents result in the death of one or more individuals involved. Most commonly, these victims are operating or riding on a motorcycle but others involved in a collision can be killed as well. The right to seek a recovery may pass to a victim's surviving family members if that victim is killed in a motorcycle collision, enabling the family or next of kin to obtain financial relief for their losses, though no amount of compensation will ever adequately cover the death of a loved one. Compensation can help ease the financial burden left behind when a loved one is taken too soon and can enable family members to protect their financial interests into the future.

The laws in Phoenix and Arizona are designed to hold those responsible for a collision as liable for the damages that result. In many cases, this includes the injuries incurred by a victim, including those who are riding motorcycles at the time of a crash. A civil claim for damages may enable bikers to recover for the medical expenses they incur as well as lost wages missed while recovering from injuries and pain and suffering they are forced to endure.

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