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Premises Liability Slip and Fall Accidents In Phoenix

Our law firm has helped many people that were hurt in slip and fall / premises liability accidents. Arizona property owners have to use reasonable care in keeping their premises safe. Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers represent people injured due to the following types of accidents:

- Slip and fall:  We have successfully represented many plaintiffs who have been hurt in slip & fall or trip & fall accidents.  These incidents are sometimes caused by wet floors or spills, defective stairs or sidewalks, or missing railings.  We have worked on slip & fall claims that have occurred in a variety of settings, such as grocery stores, restaurants, apartment buildings, houses, retail stores, and parking lots to name a few.

- Dog attacks:  Property owners can be held accountable when their dog causes injury to another person by either a dog bite or a chase. Our office resolved a dog chase lawsuit in 2012 for $250,000.

- Swimming Pool Accidents: Per capita Arizona has a very high number of swimming pools.  When property owners fail to use reasonable care, a serious accidents can occur.  Owners of swimming pools can be held liable for drowning deaths, inadequate supervision, defective equipment, waterslide injuries, and slips and falls.

- Inadequate Lighting:  Our office has worked on claims where persons have been injured due in part to inadequate lighting, usually in common areas in apartment buildings, such as lobbies and stairways.

Different Types of Premises Liability Claims

Claims can also can occur due to inadequate security, lead poisoning, fires, explosions, and exposure to hazardous materials.

Premises liability injuries can be very serious. We have helped people with injuries that range back and neck injuries such as a herniated disc, to severe head trauma, to broken bones that require surgery to repair.

Most buildings and property are governed by safety and building codes that property managers and landowners should follow, and sometimes they fail to meet those code requirements. In serious premises liability cases our law firm will often retain an architect to inspect the location for safety violations.

Slip & fall cases can be hard to resolve. Some injured people incorrectly believe that they automatically have a good claim because they were injured on someone's property. However, to prevail in a premises case you have to show that your injuries were caused by an unsafe condition, and that the owner should have known or actually knew of the unsafe condition and failed to act to correct it within a reasonable amount of time.

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Premises liability settlements:

Phoenix Premises Liability Accident Injury Lawyer Dave Abels
Dave Abels, Phoenix Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer
  • $125,000 – Resolved claim out of court for a woman who fell down defective stairs, fracturing her ankle. The plaintiff underwent surgery to correct the broken bone.
  • $275,000 – Settled lawsuit against a property owner after a child incurred eye injuries when she was pushed into a poorly designed lockbox that was protruding from an apartment door.
  • $72,500 – Client was hurt in an indoor athletic facility due to an uneven playing service.
  • $150,000 - Plaintiff was injured by a store security guard who used excessive force to detain him.
  • $85,000 – A child sustained a facial cut in a coffee shop from a nail sticking out of the chair.
  • $235,000 – An elderly woman died after receiving delayed medical treatment due to security personnel not being present to let rescue personnel inside a large apartment building.
  • $115,000 – A woman suffered a herniated disc after she slipped on water in a restaurant bathroom that had leaked from a pipe. The property owners had notice of  the condition and failed to act.
  • $95,000 – A client slipped and fell in front of a building on unnatural accumulation of ice, fracturing her ankle.

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