Common Injuries in Phoenix Truck Accidents

A truck accident is one of the most dangerous types of accidents that a motorist or pedestrian can experience in his or her lifetime. Due to the massive scale and weight of these vehicles, they can cause serious devastation when not handled or maintained properly. Although some common injuries in truck accidents heal over time, others may result in permanent disabilities and disfigurements. At Abels & Annes, our seasoned team of Phoenix truck accident attorneys has seen firsthand how this kind of crash can forever alter the victim’s life. We offer compassionate and responsive legal guidance to injured victims to ensure that they are treated fairly and pursue the compensation that they may be entitled to.

Common Injuries in Truck Accidents

Although virtually any type of injury can happen during a truck accident, there are a few common injuries that victims may suffer. A semi-truck is bigger and heavier than nearly any other object on the roadway so when an accident does take place, the speed, impact, and other factors associated with the crash are often enormous.

Some of the injuries that truck accident victims experience the most frequently are broken bones, fractures, and even the loss of a limb if it becomes trapped or severely injured as a result of the crash. Traumatic brain injuries are also common. If your head is struck by an object as a result of the crash or if you hit your head on some interior portion of the vehicle because of the impact, you may suffer serious brain damage. This is an extremely difficult type of injury to assess because it often comes with intangible symptoms like headaches, memory loss, mood swings, personality changes and difficulties sleeping.

Neck and back trauma, such as herniated discs, are another category of common truck accident injuries, and can be debilitating and life-altering for the victim. A serious neck or back injury can lead to paralysis and the loss of function.

A few other examples of harm include seat belt injuries, lacerations, internal injuries, severe bruising, and death.

Bringing a Civil Claim to Recover Compensation

The first step to recovering compensation for some of the more common injuries in truck accidents is to file a personal injury claim against the truck driver and/or trucking company who may be responsible. Under Arizona law, a trucking company is liable for the negligent acts that its employees commit during the course and scope of employment.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Your Phoenix lawyer will file a lawsuit if your case does not settle. If you do not include the trucking company as a defendant in your complaint, you cannot recover compensation from it directly.

In the lawsuit, your attorney will need to show that the defendants failed to use reasonable care and skill similar to what a prudent and careful person would use when faced with the same situation. Some of the most common causes of truck driver accidents include speeding, driver fatigue, distracted driving, and intoxication. A trucking company may be liable independently for hiring and retaining a driver with a known record of traffic violations or without the proper truck driving licensure and training. A personal injury lawyer can investigate the accident and identify all the responsible parties.

Next, you will need to show that you would not have suffered injuries but for the defendant’s lack of due care. Without establishing this causal link, you will be barred from receiving compensation. The injuries that you sustained must be the direct and foreseeable outcome of the defendant’s improper conduct.

If you are successful in establishing these elements, you can potentially recover compensation for a broad range of damages. Some common examples include:

  • Past and future estimated medical bills
  • Loss of income and diminished future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • A reduction in your quality of life

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