Hiring Dangerous Truck Drivers Leads to Dangerous Crashes

Hiring Dangerous Truck Drivers Leads to Dangerous Crashes Commercial truck drivers have a huge responsibility, as they are behind the wheel of giant vehicles that can cause severe injuries or death should they make a mistake on the road. Unfortunately, not only do some truck drivers make mistakes, but others sometimes choose to act in a dangerous manner on the highway. Such dangerous driving leads to many of the estimated 415,000 commercial truck crashes that happen per year, which in turn cause around 116,000 injuries. While dangerous truck drivers should be held fully accountable for their behaviors, the trucking companies that hired these drivers may also be held liable for negligent hiring.

Negligent Hiring Claims

Trucking companies have the duty to act in a reasonably careful manner to keep other motorists on the road safe from harm by their truck drivers and trucks. This duty includes thoroughly vetting all applicants for truck driver positions to ensure they are qualified and safe. Companies should conduct background checks and closely examine the driving records, criminal histories, and even physical and mental fitness of possible drivers. The following could be considered red flags that an applicant may become a dangerous driver with a high risk of causing a crash:
  • Numerous traffic violations for speeding, reckless driving, aggressive driving, or other dangerous behaviors
  • A history of causing vehicle crashes for a variety of reasons
  • Prior convictions for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs
  • Health problems that could lead to seizures, heart attacks, or other emergency medical events while driving
  • Mental health or substance abuse problems
If a trucking company chose to hire a driver despite the driver’s concerning history and the driver causes injuries, it can be held liable for negligent hiring. In addition, the company> could also be deemed negligent in its hiring if it failed to adequately check into a driver’s history and, therefore, failed to discover> a driver’s dangerous history.

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