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Is an Airplane Really the Safest Way to Travel?

When you are making holiday travel plans, you have many different options for your method of travel. Travelers can take their own cars, rental vehicles, buses, trains, airplanes, or a combination to get to their destination and spend time with their family and friends. The relative risks of injury may play a role in your decision of how to travel.


Generally speaking, airplanes are considered to be the safest form of travel,1 much because it has fewer fatalities per miles traveled than any other travel method. While the risks of being involved in a deadly plane crash are very slim, this does not necessarily mean that plane passengers will be free from injuries. In fact, many accidents can happen onboard an aircraft that result in serious injuries, including the following:


Slip and falls – If the aisles of an airplane are not clear or if ramps have dangerous or slippery flooring, passengers may slip and fall down while boarding, during the flight, or while deplaning.


Falling objects – Flight attendants are responsible for ensuring all baggage is properly secured. If an overhead compartment is not closed properly and an object falls onto a passenger, they can sustain serious injuries.
Failure to warn passengers – Pilots should be able to tell when they are about to hit turbulence and should give a proper warning for passengers to remain seated with their seatbelts fastened. If a pilot fails to warn of dangerous conditions, passengers may be injured.


Inadequate security – Airlines should not let passengers board or remain on a plane if they are overly intoxicated, belligerent, or otherwise pose a threat. If an airline fails to remove such passengers, they may assault others and cause harm.
Just because the above accidents are not fatal does not mean that they do not result in long-lasting and costly injuries.


You have the right to hold any negligent airlines liable for your injury-related losses.


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