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Infections From Dog Bites

Being attacked by a dog is often a traumatic experience. In addition to this trauma, dog bites can result in serious physical injuries, including puncture wounds, lacerations, torn muscles, broken bones, or even permanent disfigurement. Anyone suffering injury from a dog bite should seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure their wounds are properly treated.

Another important reason why dog bites injuries should be examined by medical professionals is the high risk of injury developing in a bite wound. The presumption that a dog’s mouth is sterile is a false one and many types of potentially dangerous bacteria can be transferred into a bite wound. In addition, many dog bite wounds may be very difficult to properly and thoroughly clean. The surface may appear clean but there may still be bacteria lingering deep under the skin. This is especially true in cases of deep and narrow puncture wounds. If a wound heals with bacteria trapped under the surface, a serious infection can develop.

Following a dog bite, not only should you have the wound professionally cleaned by your doctor but you should also be aware of any signs of a potential infection1. Some signs and symptoms include:

-Redness around the wound or red streaks on the skin
-Oozing fluid or pus from the wound
-Increased tenderness and pain
-Swelling around the wound site
-Numbness or tingling
-Stiffness or other limited movement of the affected body part
-Swelling of the lymph nodes
-Fever, chills, and sweating at night

If you believe you may have any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor or visit the emergency department right away. If an infection is not treated in a timely manner, it could escalate and result in dangerous conditions such as sepsis2. Many patients need to be hospitalized to combat advancing dog bite infections and they may even be life-threatening.

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