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Chicago Brake Failure Accident Lawyer

Brake Failure Accidents in ChicagoWhen you get behind the wheel of your car, you probably don’t pay a whole lot of attention to your brakes. Your car always comes to a complete stop at stop lights, so what is there to worry about? Our vehicles now come equipped with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) that represent an improved safety feature. ABS helps us maneuver more safely over our nation’s highways and byways. Anti-lock brakes help save lives. However, if these highly complex braking systems malfunction, they can cause serious accidents and severe injuries. If that happens, a Chicago brake failure accident lawyer can help.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems

Your car’s anti-lock brakes help you steer more effectively in driving emergencies, such as when your tires begin sliding on a slippery road. The anti-lock brakes work to restore your tires’ traction with the road and to prevent them from locking up, and they, thus, can help you steer through dangerous conditions more safely.

Due to their dual function, ABS are sometimes referred to as brakes that help you steer. Your job as the driver is simply to engage the brakes when you need them by applying and sustaining firm pressure on your brake pedal—while you steer safely out of harm’s way. It’s important to be aware that it’s normal for your ABS, when in use, to push the brake pedal back at you and/or to shudder. Sometimes a driver who is unfamiliar with these brakes or who is unaware of this pushback will take the foot off the brake pedal in a moment of panic—just when it’s most important to continue safely slowing down by applying even pressure. This startled response can lead to or exacerbate a dangerous car accident.

If a faulty anti-lock braking system injured you, you know how traumatizing that is. The legal team at Abels & Annes in Chicago is here to help protect your rights and to fight for your rightful compensation.

It’s Complicated

Anti-lock braking systems have come a long way, and they incorporate several safety mechanisms within their systems. Primarily, these include electronic control of the front-to-rear bias, emergency brake assist, traction control, and electronic stability control (ESC). ESC implements added sensors that allow it to detect whether your car is moving in the direction that your steering wheel intends it to, and if this isn’t the case, it selectively applies the brakes to those individual wheels that will put your car back on the intended path.

Faulty Anti-Lock Braking Systems and Failures

Technological advancements, such as ABS, dramatically improve the safety of the cars on our roads. Failure of these highly calibrated safety mechanisms, however, can lead to deadly accidents. As ABS evolve into ever more advanced, integrated, and complex systems, the methods by which they can fail multiply:

  • ABS flawed by poor design or the manufacturing process—as we’ve seen with recent recalls—can lead to extremely dangerous accidents. Before a recall takes effect, however, unwitting drivers aren’t aware of the danger their brakes may harbor.
  • As antilock braking systems become ever-more technologically advanced, they also become harder to repair and maintain. This translates into difficulty finding qualified repair people to work on them. When poorly qualified repair people work on these braking systems, the substandard workmanship can lead to dangerous ABS malfunctions.
  • Advancements in car safety mechanisms save lives. But when they’re faulty, when they malfunction, or when they’re in disrepair, they can cause serious accidents and injuries.

Integrated Safety Systems

The safety systems in the cars we drive are becoming more and more integrated. This means that when something goes wrong, it’s more difficult to get to the root of the problem. Litigation related to safety-system failures has also naturally become much more complex. Giant car manufacturers employ teams of attorneys to attempt to shut down any claims brought against them. Claims surrounding the safety of the vehicles that we drive are important for helping to keep our roads safer for everyone. Your rights matter, and a Chicago car accident attorney will help guide your brake failure claim to just resolution.


As cars’ safety systems continue to coalesce, defective parts claims continue to focus more closely on the crashworthiness of the car involved. As such, your vehicle’s crashworthiness doesn’t attest to any specific safety mechanism but instead refers to the ability of all your car’s safety systems to work together to improve its safety. For instance, if you’re in an accident in which your ABS fails but all your other safety systems function correctly, your anti-lock braking system may prove the sticking point that reduced your car’s crashworthiness in your crashworthiness claim.

Crashworthiness Claims

A crashworthiness claim is different from a traditional car-accident claim. Here, the concern is not what and who caused the accident. The focus is on how the failure of the vehicle’s integrated safety systems contributed to the accident. Abels & Annes can help you secure your rights and your claim even in these complicated cases.

If a Brake Failure Accident Injured You, Consult a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Today

Car accidents are frightening, and brake failure accidents are often terrifying. If you or someone you care about sustains injuries in a brake failure accident, we know how difficult that is. After all, our car’s brakes are a safety mechanism that’s meant to protect us from harm—not to cause it. The Chicago Brake Failure Accident Lawyers at the law firm of Abels & Annes are committed to helping to guide your claim toward its best possible outcome. We’re here to help, and we care—so please contact our office or call our office at (312) 924-7575 for a free initial consultation today.

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