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Testosterone Therapy and Adverse Side Effects


In recent years, an increasing number of physicians have prescribed testosterone replacement therapy for men suffering from low levels of the hormone. Paired with increased usage has been an increase in the availability of supplements and the varieties of forms in which testosterone can be absorbed by the body. Skin patches, mouth patches, injections, and implants have been used but a current trend has focused on gel-based replacements as a means of quick delivery of the medicine to a user's bloodstream.

Gel-based testosterones include brand names like AndroGel, Axiron, and Testim have been billed as an underarm treatment for men suffering from low levels of testosterone, or Low T. The concept is that dermal application allows the product to safely and quickly become effective while providing an easy means of use for those in need. But recent research has called into questions the safety of these products with new and previously undetected side effects posing a threat to the health of the user and the user's family.

Serious Side Effects of Testosterone Gel Replacement Therapy

A new study has revealed a potential link between use of testosterone gel replacement therapy and heart attacks as well as other serious medical conditions. According to the study, men over the age of 65 experienced nearly two times the risk of a heart attack if they were using a gel-based testosterone treatment when compared to men of a similar age who were not on testosterone therapy. Additionally, men younger than 65-years-old also faced a two-fold increased risk of heart attack if they had preexisting heart disease before beginning the testosterone therapy. The results are not clear as to the threat faced by younger men, if any, who did not have prior heart disease but based in part on this study's findings, the United States Food and Drug Administration is now investigating the link to determine whether continued use by American men is advisable.

In addition to the increased threat of heart attack, federal investigators will also consider other safety risks potentially posed by the drugs including an increased risk for stroke. Some individuals on gel-based testosterone therapy have reported strokes with some safety experts believing them to be linked to the testosterone drugs.

Most significantly, the majority of men who used these popular forms of testosterone replacement therapy were not warned or alerted to the possibility of serious adverse side effects, leaving them without the proper knowledge of the risks associated with the drugs and the potential for permanent damage to health that may result.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Those involved in the testosterone replacement industry have made symptoms of low testosterone, or Low T, widely known through marketing and public awareness campaigns. Though they may be accurate, many officials have been critical of the description of the symptoms because they are so broad that a majority of aging males likely suffer from some of them. Common symptoms include a decrease in muscle mass, decrease in body hair, decreased sexual drive, sexual dysfunction, depression, increased body fat, and reduced energy level.

Added to the broad description of symptoms is the fact that testosterone levels in men naturally decrease with age. This can make it difficult to determine when, if ever, a man is a candidate for testosterone therapy. It has also led to a greater use of testosterone replacement therapy among professional male athletes in many sports. As a recognized medical condition, many athletic governing bodies allow athletes with Low T the ability to use testosterone replacement therapies to combat the lack of testosterone and to enable an increase in the athlete's hormones, crucial for things like recovering muscle mass and strength as well as performance during an athletic match.

Chicago Testosterone Replacement Side Effect Lawyers

There are numerous reasons that men may need to use testosterone replacement therapy but if there is a medical need, these individuals deserve to know the risks of their prescribed medications. Failing to notify consumers of a potentially deadly condition like a heart attack or stroke may be negligent on the part of the medication's manufacturer and it can lead to the right to make a legal claim for damages.

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