Chicago Uber Auto Accident Lawyers Settle Case For $42,000

There are many ride-share vehicles on the road in Chicago and the uber car accident lawyers at Abels & Annes have been working on several injury claims involving Uber drivers, the most serious being a wrongful death motorcycle accident lawsuit that is still pending. This personal injury settlement arises out of an automobile collision which took place in March, 2015 when our claient was driving her vehicle northbound on Hermitage Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. As she was approaching the intersection with Division Street the defendant, who was also driving northbound on Hermitage Avenue, was directly behind the plaintiff’s vehicle. When traffic slowed the Uber driver rear-ended our client’s vehicle. At the time of the crash the defendant was transporting a fare, which creates liability against Uber. We alleged that the at-fault driver failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to reduce speed to avoid a collision, failed to maintain a proper distance between his vehicle and that in front of him, failed to remain alert while operating a vehicle, and failed to exercise due care for the safety of those in the area. The plaintiff was in pain immediately following the collision, but she hoped it would resolve with time. Unfortunately the pain only worsened and she sought treatment mere hours after the collision occurred. She went to Gottlieb Memorial Hospital’s emergency room where she was examined. She complained of a severe headache and pain in her neck, and back. The doctor diagnosed her with a cervical spine strain and prescribed pain medication and to follow up as needed. Our client attempted to manage her pain with the prescribed medication but within a few days it persisted. She presented at a doctor’s office for further treatment. She complained of pain in her neck, low back, mid back, shoulders, and throbbing headaches. The doctor examined her and recommended she start a course of conservative physical therapy. The plaintiff began therapy but her pain was not improving, especially the pain in her lower back. She made another appointment with her physician and complained of low back pain that radiated into her right buttock and was aggravated by prolonged sitting. She also still had pain in her neck and right knee. The neck pain was improving with conservative treatment but her low back pain was only worsening. The physician ordered a MRI of the lumbar spine which revealed a disc bulge. It was recommended she undergo pain injections if therapy did not improve her pain. Her condition did not get better over the next course of therapy sessions and soon after an orthopaedic doctor performed a series of bilateral lumbar facet joint injections for her. Our client returned to the medical office after the injections and continued her therapeutic treatment. She also continued to follow up with her doctor and her pain level soon improved and she was discharged from treatment. The injuries she suffered significantly impacted her daily life. She was unable to sit or stand for long periods without pain. She had a three old child she could not lift. She also was unable to sleep comfortably and struggled with everyday tasks such as carrying groceries or doing laundry. Once she finished treatment, our office obtained all of her medical records and bills, thoroughly reviewed the facts of the case and made a settlement demand. After a period of negotiations the case settled out of court for $42,000. With so many Uber and other ride share drivers on the road, there are going to be accidents. If you’ve been hurt by the negligent actions of an Uber, Lyft or a taxi driver, call our Uber car accident attorneys for a free consultation at (312) 924-7575. We’re here to help.