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Are you experiencing neck or back pain after an accident?

When your neck and back are functioning properly, you probably give very little thought to all of the bones, nerves, and muscles that make everything you do possible. An accident can quickly change that. Damage to any part of your neck and back can lead to persistent, nagging pain and mountains of financial stress that seemingly has no end. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, the Waukegan personal injury attorneys of Abels & Annes can help. We have overseen successful cases for all types of injuries, including cases that involve many different types of neck and back injuries. Our team will work diligently to get you maximum compensation for your injuries so you can focus on what matters: your health and your family.

Common Injuries to the Neck and Back

As personal injury lawyers, we have seen all kinds of cases that included severe neck and back injuries. These cases often involve long-term pain, lost wages, and suffering that affects a person’s everyday life. Some of the most common types of neck and back injuries we see in personal injury cases include:

Neck Strain or Sprain

When the ligaments, muscles, and tendons that support the neck are overextended or unnaturally twisted, neck strains occur. These types of injuries are very common during a car accident or slip and fall as the body is forcefully twisted in an unnatural way.

Herniated Disc or Disc Herniation

A herniated disc is a general term that refers to damage or problems with the rubbery disc that separates the spinal bones. This condition occurs when the soft center of a spinal disc is disrupted or pushes through a crack in the tough spinal disc exterior. The condition commonly known as a herniated disc has many variations, including:

  • Bulging disc or disc protrusion
  • Disc extrusion or extruded disc
  • Sequestered disc
  • Focal disc


The result of damage to the spine causing a nerve in the spine to be pinched is a condition called radiculopathy. Radiculopathy is a general term that covers any pain or discomfort that has to do with the nerves in the spine. This condition can cause pain, weakness, tingling, numbness, and general discomfort for people who are experiencing radiculopathy.

Bone Spurs

Bone spurs often form in the spine as the body’s response to an injury. The extra bone that your body creates is an attempt to replace damaged bone and discs. As this extra bone develops, it can create spurs that cause pain, stiffness, numbness, and discomfort.

Thoracic Spine Injuries

The vertebral bones in the middle of the spine make up the thoracic section of the back. When one or more of these bones becomes injured, a serious thoracic spine injury can develop. Injuries to the thoracic spine can cause everything from general discomfort to paralysis of the lower body.

Lumbar Spine Injuries

The lumbar section of the spine is more commonly known as the lower back. Since the lower back supports your body, damage to this area can lead to serious problems with movement, stabilization, and just about everything a person does on a daily basis.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Nearly 18,000 new spinal cord injuries occur every year in the United States. Because the nerves of the spinal cord communicate with the entire body, damage to the spinal cord can be catastrophic. While other spine injuries are likely to create pain and discomfort, spinal cord injuries are often much more serious and can cause irreparable conditions like partial or full paralysis.

What Causes Neck and Back Injuries?

Neck and back injuries are one of the most common injuries that we deal with as personal injury attorneys. The spine simply isn’t built to handle the type of trauma that modern technologies are capable of putting it through. Some of the most common causes of neck and back injuries include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In the United States, over 800,000 neck injuries are caused by car crashes every year. These injuries can range from muscle strains to severely damaged spinal cords, as we covered above. However, even neck injuries like whiplash, which are often categorized as “minor,” can cause long-lasting pain, discomfort, and significant medical bills. Some of the most common types of car accidents that cause neck and back injuries are rear-end collisions and head-on collisions.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall incidents cause 31% of all neck and back injuries. Falls caused by negligence can occur in:

  • a grocery store
  • common areas of an apartment complex
  • a parking lot
  • a friend’s house
  • anywhere that someone has a duty to ensure that their property is safe

Workplace Incidents

Back injuries comprise 25% of injuries that occur at the workplace. Workplace back and neck injuries can devastate both your health and finances, as it typically takes a back injury 6 to 12 weeks to heal. Back injuries are a major concern in workplaces since they can seriously affect a person’s quality of life and can dramatically reduce workplace productivity and morale. Injuries that occur at work are often eligible for compensation directly from workers compensation coverage, but these situations often still require legal representation to properly handle.

Falls from Heights

Over 17% of workplace fatalities involve falls. Employees who work on ladders and raised platforms are at increased risks of injuries from a fall. If these workers aren’t provided with proper equipment and training, it can have serious repercussions. As a result, these workers can suffer serious neck and back injuries when they inadvertently fall from a height while at work. Sometimes, these accidents are even deadly since some construction and maintenance workers do their jobs far above the ground. The majority of fatal falls are due to spinal fractures.

Property Negligence

Landlords and those who oversee other properties like AirBnB rentals are responsible for keeping these spaces habitable. This includes keeping dangerous walkways like stairs well-lit, enclosing pools, and completing repairs in a timely manner. Landlords must tend to repairs to prevent dangerous situations from causing an injury. When property managers do not comply with rules and regulations, tenants and visitors are susceptible to incidents that can cause back and neck injuries.

Why Choose Abels & Annes for your Back or Neck Injury Claim?

When you suffer a neck or back personal injury, you will need to demonstrate that negligence led to your situation. Insurance companies are often reluctant to admit their clients are at fault or to pay a proper settlement. Even when they recognize some responsibility. It's fact that insurance carriers are usually very interested in their bottom line. You don’t have to take on these challenges alone. The attorneys of Abels & Annes are here to help you get the most compensation available for your injuries. For a free initial evaluation, call us at 312-924-7575 or contact us online.