​When to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

​When to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

When Should I Call A Truck Accident Lawyer

Large trucks weigh about 20 times more than the average car. Due to this, truck accidents can result in devastating injuries and exorbitant medical bills. In the direct aftermath of the accident, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Should your first call be to your insurance company? Should the first call be to the police? How about an attorney? These are all excellent questions. However, if your first call is to an attorney specializing in large truck accidents, you don’t need to worry about who to call next. It costs you nothing to speak to a lawyer that specializes in trucking accidents, but it will potentially cost you thousands not to hire a truck accident attorney. Contact a truck accident attorney as soon as possible after a crash. Your chance at recovering compensation depends on it.

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Medical Treatment

Directly after the accident, the adrenaline in your body may mask severe injuries, causing them to go unnoticed for a few hours or days. However, seeking medical treatment for your injuries is never too late. Additionally, attorneys that focus on large truck accidents have years of experience working with people with similar injuries to yourself and can help you locate the right physician for your situation. They can assist you with getting an appointment sooner than if you attempted to schedule care on your own, especially with a physician that practices in a specialized area. Some injuries require extensive, ongoing treatment, such as physical therapy, to ensure a full recovery. Your insurance company may question the necessity of these ongoing treatments, as the less treatment you receive, the less they have to pay. Additionally, if the documentation provided to your insurance company leaves any room for interpretation, they may deny your claim. When you hire truck accident attorneys familiar with this process, you can rest easy knowing that they have your best interest in mind and will not allow the insurance company to bully them. Your attorney and their team will walk you and your family through the proper ways to document all your medical treatment to ensure your claim is ironclad. A truck accident attorney will handle the insurance company directly so you can focus on healing.

Handling the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

After the driver of a large truck files a claim with their insurance, their adjusters are likely to reach out to you and attempt to mitigate the situation. Since most large trucks serve a commercial purpose, you are likely not going against just the driver’s insurance but that of the larger corporation. This can be highly stressful as they may call while you are still in the hospital or at work and try to probe you for details of the accident. The insurance company may even offer you a minimal settlement simply to resolve your claim quickly. Remember, their only concern is that your case settles in a way that does them the least monetary harm, regardless of the amount of actual harm you have suffered. When you have a lawyer dealing with large truck insurance companies representing you, you don’t need to worry about answering their questions or determining if you should accept the settlement on your own. You can simply instruct them to speak with your attorney instead, and they will ensure you and your claim are justly taken care of. These insurance companies have vast resources and multiple people handling the claim; why should you have to handle it alone?

Knowing Your Rights In A Truck Accident Claim

​Do Personal Injury Lawyers Go to CourtThe adage that knowledge is power is rarely more true than after a truck accident. Third parties may contact you, such as the truck’s insurance or legal representation, who try to tell you what you “have to do.” The fact is that they are most likely trying to exploit your situation and make you feel as though you have to comply simply because of who they say they are and the apparent authority they hold. Even your insurance company may tell you that you are required to provide information or fees to them that you have no obligation to provide. These third parties prey on victims of trucking accidents, hoping that they can use the stress of the accident and your injuries to manipulate you into giving them some form of economic gain from you while you are already in a vulnerable state. The best way to prevent yourself from being exploited by these third parties is to have someone by your side who knows your legal rights, and no one knows your legal rights better than an attorney specializing in large truck accident cases like your own. When a large truck accident attorney contacts the opposing party, they know that you mean business and are not intimidated by them. Your attorney will help guide you and empower you against these third parties to ensure you are not taken advantage of. You will never have to second guess what you have to do, as your attorney will ensure you know your legal rights. You will not have to face anyone alone as your attorney and their experienced team will be by your side from the moment you make the call.

Recovering More Than Just Economic Damages

The most commonly sought-after damages help you recoup lost wages for any time you were out of work and medical expenses incurred because of the accident. However, you may be entitled to more compensation than that. If you are permanently out of work, your attorney can help you recover future lost income that you have lost due to the accident. Additionally, your attorney knows what they need to show the emotional damages caused by the large truck accident and help return some of your peace of mind after the pain and suffering you have experienced. Your attorney can show you how to properly journal your daily experiences, including those experiences you are unable to partake in following the accident, so it will be clear how deeply this accident has affected your life. Courts sometimes reward punitive damages as well. Punitive damages serve as a deterrent to the large trucking company to ensure that what happened to you doesn’t happen again to anyone else. A specialized attorney can comb through all of the evidence of your case and search for pertinent information, such as mechanical errors with the truck that struck you, and ensure that they include these damages in your case. Regardless of your particular situation, you deserve to be made whole again after your large truck accident, which is exactly what our attorneys do for our clients daily.

Gathering All the Evidence Fast

When to call a truck accident law firmSince companies typically own large trucks, there likely is extensive data on the truck and its driver, including black box data, maintenance records, and driver records. This information is vital to your claim for a multitude of reasons. A black box is a data recording device found in most large trucks that record crucial information, including the truck’s speed and when the driver applied the brakes. Maintenance records will show if the company knew there were issues with the truck but allowed it on the road anyway. Additionally, the records the company keeps on the driver will show if they have been in previous accidents and all previous drug tests. The trucking companies know how vital this information is in your case, so they will be reluctant to grant you access to this. Federal regulations require them to preserve this information in case litigation does arise from the accident. Due to this, they may take steps to bury it and make it harder for you to find. While they may place a roadblock in your way, an experienced trucking attorney can issue a subpoena. This mandatory court order compels them to turn the information to the attorney or face legal repercussions. Due to the severity of the consequences, if the company fails to comply with the subpoena, your attorney will have access to this information almost immediately. Even if you are unsure how you want your case to proceed, once your attorney has possession of this evidence, it will be safely preserved in their care, giving you the freedom to take action when you’re ready. Additionally, your attorney’s team has experience in gathering and preserving all evidence that may be available following your large trucking accident. They can contact all healthcare providers that have interacted with you regarding the accident and gather all documentation they have, showcasing just how severe your injuries are, whether physical or mental. They also can perform extensive research and locate potential external evidence, such as eyewitness accounts, dash camera footage from other drivers, or even surveillance footage from nearby buildings. Once they have located this additional evidence, your attorney and their team can gain access to this evidence and preserve it in a way that makes it indisputable by the other side’s attorneys and bolsters your claim. There is no such thing as too much good evidence, and your attorney and their team will ensure every piece is accounted for and presented on your behalf.

Naming the Proper Parties the First Time

In the best-case scenario, you might get the driver’s name and their auto insurance information directly after an accident involving a large truck. You may even receive the name of the company to which the truck is registered or owned. This is a great first step in pursuing your case. However, there might be another company responsible for the truck and the damages the accident caused. Someone who wasn’t supposed to drive the truck may have caused the crash. All responsible parties must be listed when filing an initial complaint with the courts. If you do not do this properly, it can delay your case and bar you from recovering the full amount you deserve. The large corporations potentially responsible for the truck know this and might go to great lengths to make it challenging to trace them to the particular truck that caused your accident. They understand that the larger the corporation, the deeper the pockets, and they will do everything possible to escape financial liability. Luckily, truck accident attorneys and their teams are well-versed in locating all parties involved and following the proper channels to ensure they are held responsible. Your attorney can even file your documents in a way that makes it possible to add another responsible defendant to your case down the road when their identity becomes available, with no delay to your case. By naming all responsible parties on all court documents the first time, your truck accident attorney ensures that your case moves as swiftly and smoothly through the court system as possible while ensuring you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to recover.

Should I Hire A Truck Accident Lawyer Now?

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Gary Annes
Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer, Gary Annes
Yes, Whether your accident happened today or a few weeks ago, it is never too late to contact a large truck accident attorney. The moment you contact our team is a moment you can take a sigh of relief. We will do everything possible to ensure that you receive fair compensation for the harm done to you by the large truck accident. The difference between handling your case on your own versus with a qualified and advanced team by your side can be thousands. Remember, the insurance company that the trucking company hired will do everything it can to pay as little as possible on as few claims as possible. They certainly will have the help of an experienced lawyer working for them. So should you. Don’t place the additional stress of navigating insurance companies, doctors’ offices, and the court system on your own when you should be focusing on healing. Contact a large truck accident attorney immediately, and rest easy knowing that your case and everything that comes with it is being expertly taken care of so you can focus on recovery.

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