How Our Lawyers Handle Allstate Claims

June 1, 2024 | David Abels
How Our Lawyers Handle Allstate Claims

Our lawyers handle Allstate claims with urgency and integrity, placing our clients’ best interests at the forefront of every decision. Allstate is one of the largest insurers in the nation, but it is not satisfied with its considerable financial resources. Instead, Allstate may fight your claim in an attempt to save money.

Having a trusted car accident lawyer lead your Allstate claim will serve several purposes. You can prioritize your recovery, while a lawyer will also prevent any rights violations that can compromise the success of your claim.


Recognize the Challenges of Seeking Compensation from Allstate

Insurance Claim Form

Allstate is the fourth-largest writer of auto insurance premiums, trailing only State Farm, Progressive, and Berkshire Hathaway in 2022. The company’s market share of more than ten percent makes it a formidable financial force, and this means:

  • Allstate has large financial obligations to meet: Large companies have large operating expenses and aim to generate as much revenue as possible. This means that insurers like Allstate may seek every way to trim expenses, including by denying claims and underpaying claimants.
  • Allstate has no shortage of resources (to use against you, if it chooses): Being the size that it is, Allstate has no shortage of resources. While these resources can be used to operate the business and pay out settlements, they can also be used to fight against paying claims.
  • Allstate’s representatives have plenty of experience: Employees at companies as large as Allstate are often highly experienced. This includes the adjuster and other parties responsible for your claim. This is only to say that if Allstate decides to deny or undervalue your claim, it may have experienced professionals on the job.
  • You may benefit immensely from hiring an experienced Allstate claim lawyer: There is a chance that Allstate will handle your claim in good faith and ultimately pay the compensation you deserve. However, our car accident lawyers know that insurance companies often prioritize their own financial well-being over claimants’ and may do the same in your case.

Potential Hurdles During the Allstate-Led Claims Process

The cost of an accident resulting in injuries can be far more than the typical victim earns in an entire year. This means that you may be requesting a large sum from Allstate, and insurance companies do not always simply hand over such large sums.

You may face several attempts to deprive you of the compensation you deserve, including:

  • Denial: Allstate may deny your claim, and there are a variety of potential reasons it may cite in doing so. Our lawyers help clients respond quickly and convincingly to claim denials, as a denial does not mean the end of the claims process.
  • Allegations of causing the accident: One common reason for denying a claim is the accusation that the claimant caused the accident. In at-fault states, particularly, being at fault for an accident can have significant negative ramifications. Your car accident attorney will work to prove who caused the crash, so Allstate cannot deny your claim on false grounds.
  • A lowball settlement: Traffic accident victims are often financially desperate, facing large expenses, and unable to work. Insurance companies, including Allstate, will often extend a settlement offer to these stressed victims, knowing that such an offer may be enticing. You must never accept such an offer, as this will free Allstate from further financial liability.
  • Delays: If Allstate extends a lowball settlement offer, it may then have an interest in waiting. The claimant may become increasingly financially desperate and more likely to accept the lowball offer.
  • Drawn-out negotiations: Allstate may make it as difficult as possible to secure the compensation you deserve. This is a for-profit insurance company that clearly wants to save money. 

Allstate does not always live up to its motto, “You’re in good hands.” Sometimes, the insurance company handles claims with closed fists, refusing to provide the compensation that claimants deserve. Our car accident lawyers ensure Allstate pays our clients fairly, and we never shy away from addressing bad-faith insurance tactics.

Steps You Can Take to Maximize Your Odds of Success in an Allstate Claim

You can only control what you can control after an auto accident, and Allstate’s handling of your claim is beyond your control. Steps you can take to put your claim in the best possible position include:

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible

The claims process does not wait, and Allstate may largely dictate its pace. You can protect yourself immediately by hiring a car accident attorney. Your lawyer will lead interactions with Allstate representatives, gather evidence, and conduct other time-sensitive duties for you.

Undergoing All Necessary Medical Care

Every auto accident victim should consider the chance that they have injuries, even if they have no glaring symptoms. Injuries, including whiplash, can cause symptoms that emerge over time, and you may benefit from:

  • Seeking emergency care
  • Requesting a full-body examination
  • Requesting any medical imaging, including X-rays, that can reveal injuries
  • Pursuing any other diagnostic procedures or treatments a doctor recommends

Keep copies of all documentation for accident-related medical care, including bills and doctors’ notes. This documentation can be beneficial as you seek compensation.

Letting Your Car Accident Lawyer Deal with Insurance Companies

Allstate may contact you following the accident. Once you have a lawyer, you can refer the Allstate representatives to your attorney for all communications. This is the best way to protect your claim.

By allowing your lawyer to handle all interactions with Allstate’s employees, you:

  • Don’t have to spend your limited time dealing with the claims process
  • Protect yourself from potential adverse health outcomes that result from claim-related stress
  • Can avoid making any mistakes that might negatively affect your claim, as you may be compromised both physically and psychologically
  • Allow your lawyer to maintain control of the claims process from start to finish

Your lawyer will also apply pressure on Allstate as necessary, avoiding delays and working to secure your settlement as soon as possible.

Following the Recovery Plan

Accident victims must follow their doctor’s prescribed treatments for their own health. You should also stick to your treatment plan to benefit your injury case.

Allstate may claim that you are exaggerating your injuries or seeking unnecessary medical care. Following your doctor’s advice to a T reduces the risk that such allegations hold water.

Our Lawyers Handle Allstate Claims with Urgency 

Our car accident attorneys work to secure fair compensation for accident victims as soon as possible. There is no time to wait when you are facing medical expenses and financial uncertainty, and we want you to move forward from the accident as soon as you can.

We will oversee every claim-related responsibility, including:

  • Proving who caused your accident: Our attorneys and investigators urgently conduct investigations, as evidence like video footage and witness accounts are not always available for long. We will secure all evidence that supports your account of the accident, including who caused the collision.
  • Detailing your accident-related losses: Your attorney will secure any medical bills, doctor’s notes, medical images, income statements, vehicle repair-related invoices, and other documentation of your damages. This documentation will be key in combating any attempts to underpay you.
  • Calculating how much money Allstate owes you: Your medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and other damages have a precise, objective value. Our attorneys will determine the total financial value of your recoverable damages and demand that Allstate provide that amount of compensation.
  • Negotiating a settlement with Allstate’s team: Allstate may extend an initial offer, and we may have higher financial demands than that initial offer provides. We will negotiate with Allstate’s representatives, which may involve us providing proof and details of your losses. We will make it clear that if Allstate does not offer the sum you deserve, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf.
  • Discussing a possible lawsuit with you: If Allstate signals its intent to underpay you (or not pay you at all), your attorney will discuss the option of filing a lawsuit with you. This lawsuit will name at-fault parties as defendants, and Allstate will likely provide representation for the defendant(s).
  • Handling the pre-trial process: If you decide to pursue a lawsuit, your lawyer will file the documents and notify the defendants that they are the subject of legal action. Your attorney may continue negotiating with Allstate, but the case may move forward toward trial. Your lawyer will handle discovery and every other aspect of the pre-trial process.
  • Representing you in court: If your attorney and Allstate don’t reach a settlement agreement by the trial’s start date, your legal team will make your case in court. This will include questioning witnesses, presenting evidence, and asking a jury to rule in your favor.

Statistics indicate that a settlement is the most likely outcome of your Allstate claim, as relatively few civil cases go to court. However, our attorneys are equally capable of negotiating settlements and leading cases in court, so all options are available to you.

Covered Losses We Often Seek Compensation For

Whether Allstate is your insurer or insures a third party who caused your accident, we intend to secure fair compensation from this large insurance company. Some of the losses that may entitle you to compensation are:

Medical Costs

Medical Costs

Your medical expenses will be one of the key focuses of your case, as medical care often represents a large portion of an accident victim’s damages. You should receive compensation covering all accident-related medical care, including:

  • Ambulance transport
  • Emergency diagnosis and treatment
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Medications
  • Imaging services
  • Rehabilitation services

Our lawyers regularly document and value injuries and medical services. We have strong connections with medical experts and speak the language of medicine, so we will be certain to value your covered medical costs accurately.

Pain and Suffering

Accident victims often face substantial pain and suffering, which can include:

  • Physical pain, including chronic conditions
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety, which may include a fear of being in a motor vehicle
  • Depression, which is a natural consequence of traumatic incidents and injuries
  • Lost quality of life
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Scarring or other forms of disfigurement

The civil justice system generally allows accident victims to demand fair compensation for such non-economic harm. Your lawyer may also demand compensation for any treatment related to your pain and suffering.

Lost Income

Serious car accidents often require victims to take time away from work. These work absences can be lengthy or even permanent in cases of significant injuries. Such work disruptions can cause:

  • Lost income
  • Diminished earning power
  • Loss of opportunities for non-salary compensation, such as bonuses
  • Inability to earn or make progress toward promotions

If you have a permanent disability, our lawyers will calculate the value of your professional damages through your retirement age.

Your lawyer’s settlement demands will include the cost of:

  • Repairing your vehicle
  • Replacing your vehicle (if it was totaled)
  • Repairing or replacing any other property damaged during the accident
  • Any temporary transportation you need(ed) while without your vehicle

Whether through an insurance claim or lawsuit, your lawyer will work to ensure you don’t pay out of pocket for accident-related property expenses.

What Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer for My Allstate Claim?

There is no direct cost to hire a car accident attorney. Lawyers know that accident victims are often in difficult financial circumstances, so they use a fee structure that ensures any victim of negligence can secure legal representation.

The contingency fee structure means:

  • You can hire our lawyers without paying any upfront compensation
  • Our lawyers will complete your entire case without receiving payment from you
  • Our team will only receive a fee if we obtain a settlement or verdict for you

Your lawyer and their firm will bear the financial risk associated with your case.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney from Our Team for Your Allstate Claim, and Don’t Wait

There can be a short window for filing your Allstate claim or any related lawsuit, and other aspects of your case will be time-sensitive, including gathering evidence. Don’t wait to hire your personal injury lawyer. Begin by scheduling your free case evaluation today.

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