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How Long Does it Take to Settle a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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“How long does it take to settle a personal injury lawsuit?” This is a question almost every accident victim wants to know the answer to. Knowing how long your case may take is important, because most plaintiffs are undergoing challenging and costly treatments for the injuries they sustained during the traumatic accident. Therefore, along with putting the accident and legal matters behind them, receiving compensation to cover bills is foremost on the typical personal injury victim’s mind.

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Claim? There Are Many Variables.

The truth is that there are numerous variables that must be taken into account. Every case is unique and therefore it can be difficult to generalize a timetable.

For a much more accurate estimate, the best thing to do would be to contact a personal injury attorney and request a free personal injury consultation. This way you would have a much better idea about how your particular case would work.

Injuries and Medical Treatment is a major factor in a personal injury claim’s lifespan

  • The severity of the injury and the duration of time it would take to treat medically are major factors in determining the length of a personal injury case. It is important to allow plenty of time for a doctor to determine the extent of the patient’s injury and how permanent the injury is.
  • Furthermore, medical bills are not the only issue involved: Pain, suffering, lost income, and other issues are wrapped up in the package of damages for which a claimant seeks compensation. Before negotiating a settlement, it is critical that these factors have been assessed, which can take some time to determine.
  • This is an important point. Settling too soon can set you up for difficulties down the road. If you do so, you may be sacrificing money you’re entitled to in the future. A settlement is permanent, and once your case has settled, it cannot be opened again.

The Defendant’s Insurance Carrier can be significant. Some insurance carriers are better than others. Some can be reasonable, and some will remain unreasonable until the eve of trial.

The Insurance Adjuster assigned to your claim file can make a difference as well. Some adjusters move quickly, some are slow, some are fair, some are not.

Settling out of Court vs. Litigation. At some point the insurance company may make an offer to settle your case. When that occurs you will have to decide, with the assistance of counsel, whether to accept the offer or move forward with a lawsuit. I often tell my clients that I can only give them my best advice and make recommendations, but they are the boss. The plaintiff ultimately makes that decision as to whether to settle or move on to a courtroom setting. Going to court can often add significant value to your case, however litigation takes time and it can add years to your case.

There are so many factors involved in any personal injury case. If you are wondering how long it will it take to settle your case, you should contact an experienced Personal Injury attorney as soon as possible.

Free Personal Injury Lawyer Case Consultation

Hopefully this has shed some light on the question, “How long does it take to settle a personal injury case? While the answers clearly can vary, requesting a FREE Personal Injury Case Consultation or calling (312) 924-7575 can get you much more specific answers!

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