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The Many Ways a Disabling Injury can Affect Your Life

In some cases, an accident victim may suffer an injury and may simply need time to heal before their lives return back to normal. Though they may incur medical expenses and perhaps even lost income from missing work, they will eventually be able to go back to work and their usual activities. However, some accident victims are not so lucky. Some victims sustain devastating injuries that result in permanent disability and can forever change their lives.
A disabling injury can affect nearly every aspect of your life and the following are only some of the ways that your life can be changed by a disabling injury.
  • Your Job Opportunities – Disabilities can affect different functioning and depend on the nature of your disability, you may no longer have the ability to perform your job. For example, if your chosen line of work requires serious cognitive processing, a severe brain injury1 may keep you from ever returning to work. If your disability presents physical impairments, the same is true for jobs that require physical activity. This can limit your ability to ever earn a living in your profession.
  • Recreational Activities – Many of us have hobbies including recreational sports, playing golf, riding motorcycles, and much more. Certain disabilities will limit your ability to engage in activities that you once enjoyed, which can result in significant loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Personal Life – Having significant impairments can create challenges in your personal life, including the ability to take care of your kids, the quality of your romantic relationships and friendships, and even your ability to live independently.
  • Emotional Health – Having your life completely changed in an instant, as well as experiencing pain and suffering, can take a toll on your emotional health. Many people with disabling injuries experience severe depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.
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