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The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that 23 percent of rear-end accidents result in injuries to the people involved. In Illinois, there were 78 rear-end fatalities and over 20,985 injuries in a recent year. While you might consider rear-end crashes to be minor, you can discover their seriousness quickly when this type of car accident causes you life-changing injuries.

At Abels & Annes, P.C., we take rear-end accidents seriously. Our Chicago car accident lawyers know these crashes can have costly effects on your life, and we fight for maximum compensation for victims.

Some results we have obtained in rear-end collision cases include:

  • $825,000 for a rear-end commercial truck crash
  • $150,000 for back injuries from a rear-end collision
  • $142,500 for neck injuries from a rear-end accident
  • $125,000 for shoulder injuries due to a rear-end collision

Contact our office directly to discuss how we might help you following your crash and injuries.

Our Rear End Accident Law Firm in Chicago

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Causes of Rear End Accidents in Chicago

Driver inattention is the leading cause of all injuries and accidents, including rear-end crashes. Whether a driver is texting or paying attention to a screaming child, any time a person’s attention is off the road, it can lead to severe consequences. The driver cannot brake with enough time when another vehicle is in front of them. Following too closely and speeding are other common causes of auto accident in Chicago.

Two causes of rear-end collisions often overlooked are weather conditions and road construction. All motorists have a responsibility to adjust their driving to meet road conditions. Some drivers find navigating and getting around town difficult when it is snowing and the roads are icy. Weather can be a contributing factor that does not take the blame away from the driver. When one motorist acts negligently and does not react to the road conditions appropriately, it can cause devastation.

You must have a lawyer who is on your side and fighting for your case. Proving fault for a rear-end accident is not always as easy as it seems. Seek help from our team today so we can assess your options.

Proving causation

It is a legal requirement for all divers to keep their proper distance from other vehicles. Rear-end collisions regularly happen in Chicago when a motorist follows too closely to another car. Other causes of rear-end crashes are drunk drivers and distracted drivers. Both drunk and distracted driving impairs the individual behind the wheel, causing them to have a slower reaction time and miscalculate the space between them and the other vehicle.

Regardless of the cause, you must prove fault and causation for your crash.

Some factors that will go into proving the cause of the accident are

While you may think the cause of a rear-end crash is apparent, underlying issues can be the real culprits.

You will need a top Chicago rear-end accident lawyer to conduct a thorough investigation. Working with an accident reconstructionist might be necessary to recreate the accident and provide evidence of causation.

Illinois has a presumption of liability when a person rear-ends another vehicle, but there are rare instances where the other party can refute this. Never assume liability is cut-and-dry, whether you were the front or rear driver. Contact a Chicago rear-end accident lawyer whether the cause is evident or not.

Common Rear-end accident injuries in Chicago

Rear-end accident injuries can range from minor to severe. Some injuries are immediately apparent and others have a delay in symptoms. A day or two might go by before you realize you have signs of a severe injury. Many times, a delay in symptoms is due to the adrenaline and initial shock of the accident.

The most common rear-end accident injuries are:

Whiplash is the most common injury, and it is a soft tissue neck injury. Whiplash happens when the head and neck suddenly move back and forth. It can result in stiffness, headaches, and pain. Back injuries are also serious and can even involve spinal cord trauma resulting in permanent paralysis. The extent of your injuries will heavily impact your case.

Whiplash Symptoms

Since whiplash is the most common injury after a rear-end accident, everyone should know how to identify the symptoms. Whiplash can cause damage to your spine, ligaments, nerves, muscles, and disks. These signs of whiplash usually appear within a few minutes to days of the accident.

Look for:

  • Stiffness or pain in your neck
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Increase in neck pain with movement
  • Loss of range of motion, especially when you turn your head
  • Headaches starting at the base of your skull
  • Numbness and tingling in the arms
  • Pain and tenderness in your upper back, arms, and shoulders

Some other symptoms also include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Depression
  • Memory problems
  • Inability to sleep
  • Tinnitus
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability

Some of these whiplash symptoms will stay with you for years, while others will resolve over time.

Concussion Symptoms

Chicago Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Another injury that is common in rear-end accidents is concussions. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury due to head trauma and can impact your brain function. In rear-end accidents, a concussion is common when the driver’s head hits the steering wheel.

A concussion can have temporary or permanent effects on a person, depending on the severity. You can have issues balancing, get chronic headaches, and more.

Some signs to look for are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Blurry vision
  • Headache
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Drowsiness
  • Feeling of fogginess
  • Seeing stars
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Amnesia

If you feel anything unusual, see a doctor about a possible concussion.

Herniated Disc symptoms

There are discs that sit in between the vertebrae of your spine, and when the jellylike center pushes out, it can irritate a nerve. An irritated nerve can cause pain, numbness, and tingling in your arms or legs. You can also feel weakness and face restrictions in your daily activities. In comparison, you can have a herniated disc and never feel a thing. Even without any symptoms, there is the chance that you can develop disc degeneration in the future from a minor occurrence such as a twisting motion.

Vehicle damage

Aside from the injuries you suffer, there can also be extensive vehicle damage. You will likely suffer more than a bent fender, depending on the speed and impact. Many times, the entire trunk can be squished. The back bumper is made to withstand low-impact collisions and will often fold when there is excessive force.

Repairing vehicle damage is another concern motorists have. The vehicle may be a total loss or require extensive repairs that you cannot afford. Getting to and from work and other errands can be challenging without your vehicle. Not having a car can lead to a heavy financial burden on the victims and their families.

Statutes of limitations

You must move quickly after an accident as there are limits to how long you can file a claim. All personal injury cases in Illinois have a two-year statute of limitations barring any unique circumstances. Failure to file a claim within the allotted time can result in a complete case dismissal. Never wait to discuss a possible car accident claim with our legal team.

Settlement versus litigation

The majority of car accident claims resolve in the initial pre-litigation stage. We can communicate and negotiate directly with your insurance company to see if it will offer a fair amount. If they do not, we can file an injury lawsuit in civil court.

Even if we file litigation in your case, there are many steps we can take to avoid going to trial. The case can be resolved at any point, even if it goes into litigation. While trials are rare in these cases, we have the courtroom experience necessary to represent you at a necessary trial.

We will work to find the best solution for you and your specific circumstances, whether that is trial or settlement. During a settlement negotiation, Chicago rear-end accident lawyers will calculate your medical expenses and other losses. The attorney will go back and forth with insurance adjusters and plead their case.

If there is no middle ground, then a trial is the final option. First, however, there will be various steps to take.

Some of the critical factors for your case you will want to consider before settling or going to trial are:

  • The strength of your evidence
  • Future lost wages if you cannot
  • Future medical problems
  • The compensation you are seeking compared to policy limits

While your Chicago rear-end accident lawyer can guide you through the legal process, it will be up to you to take an offer or not. Your lawyer will advise you on the pros and cons of each legal course of action so you can make an informed decision. This is never a choice you should make without proper legal counsel, as there can be severe financial repercussions.

Our attorney help with the legal process in many ways, including:

  • Evaluating liability for your accident and whether you have a claim
  • Identifying all parties and insurance claims you must file
  • Preparing and filing demands with insurance companies
  • Communicating and negotiating with insurance adjusters
  • Advising you on what to do (and not do) during the claim process
  • Determining when settlement negotiations are unsuccessful and filing litigation
  • Handling the litigation process, including ongoing settlement negotiations

You can learn more about all the legal assistance and services we can provide when you seek your free consultation with our team.

The compensation you can obtain

Many people have an idea of what they expect to receive in a car accident claim, though most people either underestimate or overestimate their financial recovery. During the process, your lawyer will look at how your life has changed and the severity of your injuries. We consider all economic and non-economic losses when calculating a case’s value.

Economic damages restore a person to their financial condition before the accident, while non-economic damages compensate victims for their pain and emotional distress. Determining when and for how much to settle can be difficult. You will need to trust your lawyer and heed their advice. We work for you and will negotiate as far as you need us to.

The goal of any Chicago personal injury attorney is to get a fair and just settlement for their clients. Some victims will choose to take an early settlement because they want the money sooner. While that is your right, it may haunt you in the long term. Many victims who settle early regret it later when they cannot pay for future medical procedures and other expenses from the accident. Your lawyer will let you know when a settlement is fair and advise you when to accept or not.

Client Testimony

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Chicago rear-end accident attorneys from Abels & Annes, P.C., can help you recover compensation

Dave Abels Personal Injury Lawyer
Chicago Rear End Auto Accident Lawyer, Dave Abels

While a rear-end collision might often cause minor damage, it can also cause severe injuries. In the worst cases, someone you love can die from a rear-end collision. When there is an accident, you must Contact a Chicago car accident lawyer to begin your claim.

At Abels & Annes, P.C., we can review the circumstances of your case and determine the best route to take. There will be extensive paperwork that you might not know how to handle, but we do. The legal process is overwhelming, and you should focus on recovering from your injuries instead of the legal repercussions.

Our Chicago rear-end accident lawyers can review your case and answer any questions you have during a free initial consultation. We can guide you on how to move forward and what you can expect from the process.

Additionally, you do not need to pay anything up front. We do not get paid unless we win your case. Whether your case resolves during settlement negotiations or trial, we will not see a dime until a successful settlement.

You have nothing to lose by exploring your legal rights following a rear-end crash. Contact us today at (312) 924-7575.

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