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When an accident occurs, often it is due to the negligence of a driver or another party, in one form or another. When a typical driver thinks of threats to the safety of travel, the typical threat might bring to mind images of speeding or reckless drivers or those who are using their cell phones behind the wheel.

While these types of activities are dangerous and do cause thousands of accidents every year, a Chicago road hazard accident lawyer knows that other dangers continue to cause accidents as well. And these crashes can cause Illinois residents to suffer serious injuries or even death. Among these other accidents are those caused by hazards in the road or hazards that make up the road itself.

Road Hazards From Construction Sites

Another road hazard that leads to numerous accidents are those that surround construction sites. Sometimes it is a barrel, flag, or sign. If a construction site is improperly designed or maintained, drivers may face danger as they navigate the area.

This can be particularly true when construction work causes traffic to shift to the left or right of the roadway. These areas must be clearly marked and safely placed so that motorists are not at an undue risk of accidents. Yet sometimes a construction crew does not take necessary precautions and crashes result. When this happens, a construction company or the employees in charge of the project may be liable for any damages that occur.

Our Chicago road hazard crash lawyers have seen significant injuries over the years that result from construction hazards on the road. This is especially true when the accident is on a highway with fast moving vehicles.

Debris Falling From Other Vehicles

Another common road hazard that drivers can experience is debris from another vehicle, commonly a pickup truck or commercial vehicle. Drivers who move items from one area to another by use of a public road are legally required to secure their loads. This, so that nothing flies off the truck and onto the road.

Drivers failing to secure loads

Despite this requirement, many drivers do not secure their loads.  As a result, debris may become an obstacle on the road. This can include a mattress that flies out of a pickup truck, heavy furniture that was not secure, wood chips or mulch that blow out of a truck bed in the wind, or a spare tire that bounces out of a vehicle that hits a bump in the road. Whatever the object may be, if it leaves another’s vehicle and strikes the roadway, it is a hazard that may cause an accident and lead to serious injuries.

These same objects that leave a vehicle might not strike the road but instead make direct contact with a car. Often stories emerge about a chair falling out of the back of an open tailgate and striking the windshield of the car behind it. This can injure a driver or passenger, or cause the driver to lose control of the car.

Liability For an Unsecured Load

When the negligence of someone transporting an object causes an accident, that person may be liable for the resulting damages. If that person was on the job, a road hazard accident attorney in Chicago knows that the defendant's employer could be liable as well.

Further, not only would the defendant(s) be liable for the first impact, but could also be liable for any subsequent accidents that result. When negligence of one person causes injuries to another, the law provides for financial recovery in many cases. Injuries caused by road hazards often include broken bones, neck and back injuries, cuts and scars, or even death.

Accidents Caused by Potholes

A common road hazard that poses a safety threat is a pothole. Potholes are a normal part of the wearing process of a road. Sometimes a pothole may be small and insignificant, creating no more than an annoyance to most motorists. However, some potholes are large and pose danger to those in the area.

Potholes are most dangerous when a driver is traveling at a high rate of speed, like on a highway. High speed provides a driver with less time to notice the defect in the road. It also makes it harder for a driver to avoid a pothole. If a driver is speeding, the chances of hitting a pothole greatly increase.

Potholes can throw a car out of alignment or instantly cause a tire to go flat. Other times, a driver who strikes a pothole may lose control. They could swerve into traffic or off the road, causing an accident.

When this happens, the driver, any passengers in the vehicle, and anyone in any other vehicle involved may suffer injuries. Though most potholes develop naturally as wear and tear occurs on the road, it is the job of the city, state, or municipality to maintain the roads and it may be negligent to allow a large pot hole to remain unfixed on a road.

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