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Evanston Car Accident LawyerHurt in a Car Crash in Evanston?

Nestled between Chicago, Skokie, and Wilmette is Evanston, a modestly-sized community on the North Shore known as a desirable place to call home. To some, Evanston brings to mind Northwestern University which lies within the city's limits. It's an institution of learning that has both respect and admiration across the nation. To others, it is "E-Town," a great place to go shopping along Central Street or to grab a bite to eat downtown.

It is also a great place to spend your childhood. Law partner David Abels grew up in Evanston. He attended ETHS and was captain of the high school's varsity hockey team. He still lives in the area and is in town regularly.

Both Evanston's past and present are intrinsically linked with that of the City of Chicago, for the better and for the worse. While the physical proximity of the two areas has led to a thriving relationship, many of the issues from one spot are able to crossover to the other.

One prime example of issues facing both Evanston and Chicago is the prevalence and severity of car accidents. Evanston lies within Cook County, the same county as Chicago. Therefore, many of the enforcement efforts and public educational outreach programs target those who live in both areas.

In 2013, the Illinois Department of Transportation noted 137,271 car accidents within the boundaries of Cook County. Many of those collisions happened in Evanston. The crashes range from minor fender benders to severe impacts that lead to injuries or even death. Often, those who suffer the most happen to be innocent victims of negligence who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our car Evanston Car Accident Lawyers are ready to help when necessary.

What Are Common Injuries Caused by Evanston Car Accidents?

Collisions and traffic accidents that happen in and around Evanston are similar to those that happen anywhere in Illinois. They can be due to mistakes, negligence, or even reckless conduct by one or more motorists. Occasionally the cause of a collision could be a mechanical failure in one of the vehicles, a defective design in a car or a tire, or even an improper road design that makes driving dangerous.

Even collisions that seem to have an obvious cause may have complications with multiple factors combining prior to an impact. This can potentially place blame on multiple individuals or corporations.

But accident victims may not be concerned with those details initially. The biggest issue is often personal injuries from the crash, especially if life-threatening. Victims may need emergency treatment at a hospital or they may find that their injuries, initially mild, worsen as time passes.

Back and Neck Injuries

Injuries to the back and/or neck are some of the most common conditions to arise from a car accident. Our Evanston auto accident attorneys deal with these injuries often on cases. They can include muscle sprains and strains as a result of a jolt within a car. Other conditions might include a bulging or a herniated disc. These injuries can result from a sudden force applied to a victim like a T-bone collision. Sometimes a herniation does not heal on its own and there is a need for surgery.

And yet some victims may suffer from the effects of a fracture or broken bone in their spinal column. This can be a potentially deadly condition that can cause extreme pain, difficulty breathing, paralysis, and permanent harm.


Broken bones are another common result of car accidents in Evanston. Cars, trucks, and vans are great at transporting people from one location to another. However, they are not always good at providing cushioning to those victims in the event of a crash. As a result, drivers and passengers may strike portions of the interior of a vehicle when an impact occurs. Further, if they are ejected, they may come into contact with the ground or other fixed surface. Any type of significant impact with a victim's body can lead to broken bones, particularly in the arms, legs, hands, and head.


Cuts and lacerations are also a common result of a collision. While the idea of a cut may sound minor, the reality is far from it. Glass shards, pieces of broken metal, and even the contents of a car can all cause serious lacerations that leave permanent scarring or even to cause death.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

A TBI can occur in a crash when an object violently comes into contact with the head, or punctures the skull and enters the brain. Serious traumatic brain injuries can result in long term health issues or even death.

Symptoms of a more serious TBI might include slurred speech, vomiting, persistent headaches, coordination issues, difficulty waking, and tingling or numbness in your extremities.


Tragically, every year many drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents. In such cases, the family members of the victim have the right to pursue a wrongful death action against any negligent parties.

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If you have been in a car accident in Evanston, Illinois and sustain injuries, the laws within the state that entitle you to bring a civil claim for your damages. These claims are separate and distinct from any actions that may be brought against an at-fault driver by police or other local authorities, including traffic citations and/or criminal charges.

Speaking with a personal injury attorney at Abels & Annes, P.C. can help you realize whether you have a valid claim. And if so, what relief you may be entitled to from a crash. We have a licensed lawyer available to take your call 24/7 at (312) 924-7575. Also, there is no obligation for speaking with us. We will provide you with a free case consultation when you call. Our goal will be to help you understand the legal implications of your crash.

At Abels & Annes, P.C., we never charge our clients a fee unless they obtain a financial recovery in their case. Further, we advance all costs to move the claim forward. We fight for the best outcome in every case we handle and we only represent personal injury victims. If you have questions or if you are in need of help, call us today or contact us online and an Evanston car accident lawyer get to work for you.