Multi-Vehicle Accidents Can Be Complex

Multi-Vehicle Accidents Can Be Complex The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 40 percent of traffic fatalities occur in crashes involving more than one vehicle. In many cases, it can be relatively obvious to determine who was at fault in a collision between two vehicles, as one vehicle usually crashes into the other. However, determining fault in car accident cases becomes significantly more complicated when more than two vehicles are involved. This is commonly called a chain-reaction or multi-vehicle accident.

Determining Liability

If you were injured in an accident that involved several vehicles, it is critical that you determine who can be held liable for your losses stemming from the accident. These losses can include property damage, extensive medical bills, lost income, and more, so you want to make sure you identify the correct parties from whom you can seek compensation. Often, more than one party may be liable in a multi-vehicle crash. For example, one driver may have made an improper lane change in front of your vehicle, “cutting off” your car and causing you to crash. Meanwhile, the driver behind you was texting and did not notice the crash until it was too late, causing that driver to collide into the back of your vehicle. In this situation, both drivers may be found to be at fault for your accident-related injuries.

You Need a Law Firm with Resources

Determining all of the causes of your multi-vehicle accident is essential for you to receive the full amount of financial recovery you deserve. However, identifying the exact reasons for the crash—especially when more than one vehicle is involved—can require a thorough investigation and many resources. Often, accident reconstruction experts must be employed to analyze what happened and give their expert opinion on which parties are liable. It is important that you have the assistance of a law firm with access to all of the resources needed to identify liability in your crash.

Discuss Your Crash with a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

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