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After Suffering a Brain Injury From a Motorcycle Accident

chicago motorcycle accident lawyerMotorcycle riders face unique risks on the road. They’re almost 30 times as likely to die in a motorcycle crash than passenger vehicle occupants are. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hop on your bike for a ride around town or a cruise out to do errands—but what happens when the unthinkable occurs?

Motorcycle crashes can and do happen; and while we understand why it’s difficult to discuss, we know it’s important to share about what happens after a crash. Many motorcycle accident survivors partner with attorneys to help them after experiencing brain injuries and other emotional, mental, and physical damage.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

We’re all taught to drive defensively when we get behind the wheel. If you’re looking to hop on a motorcycle, you should know some of the key risks that you face on the road.

Lots of motorcycle accidents can be easily traced to:

  • Distracted driving | A motorcycle or vehicle operator can easily become distracted on the road. When this happens and a crash occurs, the motorcyclist is clearly the more likely of the two to face serious injury.
  • Road defects | Sometimes, a motorcycle accident feels all but unavoidable thanks to road defects and other circumstances. Always look out for potential crash risks. Potholes, uneven roads, and other road conditions can all lead to a crash.
  • Inclement weather | Weather itself rarely causes crashes—it’s the people who fail to accommodate for the weather who might misjudge stopping distances or drive too fast in poor visibility, then crash into motorcyclists, who cause accidents.

What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to stay calm. This advice assumed that you do not need immediate or emergency medical attention. If somebody is seriously injured, he or she should not focus on these steps of the process and instead wait on emergency attention.

  • Contact authorities (call 911)
    • Police will help fill out an accident report when they arrive
    • Those who need emergency medical attention will receive it
  • Collect information and evidence
    • Photo and videos of the crash, damage, and injuries
    • Names of witnesses and other drivers
    • Insurance and phone information from other drivers
  • Seek medical attention, if needed
    • If you sustain injuries, seek medical attention at an ER, urgent care,  or with your primary care provider ASAP after the crash
    • Adrenaline can sometimes mask more serious injuries, so if you’re in pain, seek medical attention.
  • Start with attorneys
    • Only once your physical and mental health are stable
    • Most initial consultations are free
    • Let your lawyer talk to insurance companies for you

Your health should always be your first priority after a motorcycle accident. If you’ve faced serious injury during a crash, your lawyer can help you piece together information that is needed to pursue a claim. Attorneys are used to working with crash survivors who struggle with serious injuries—they will not decline your case just because you were injured and can’t collect much evidence.

Watch for Symptoms: Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (or TBIs) present a serious risk for motorcyclists.

If you or somebody you love was involved in a motorcycle accident, watch for these warning signs of TBI:

  • Loss of consciousness, disorientation, or dizziness
  • Nausea, altered sleep and language patterns, headaches
  • Persistent or worsening symptoms like headaches and nausea
  • Fluid leakage from the ears or nose
  • Extreme confusion, agitation
  • Slurred speech

Never overlook a TBI. Any degree of a TBI can result in severe complications and long-term impairments. If you believe that someone is exhibiting symptoms of a TBI, you should contact a medical professional immediately.

Other Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

We support motorcycle crash survivors with a broad range of injuries. While a TBI does pose one of the highest risks to human life, there are plenty of other types of physical damage that can impact survivors’ lives, too:

  • Road rash
  • Bruises, cuts, lacerations
  • Back injuries
  • Neck and spinal cord injuries
  • Loss of limb
  • Bone fractures

If you’ve suffered any injury as the result of a motorcycle crash, you may be entitled to compensation to help account for your losses. It’s important to speak openly and honestly with your motorcycle accident attorney to achieve the best chances of success.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You Recover Damages

What To Do After A Motorcycle AccidentIf you partner with a motorcycle accident attorney who’s prepared to carry out your case, he or she may help you recover damages. This means that you’ll receive compensation to account for the physical, monetary, and emotional expenses of your accident. Nobody can guarantee that you will recover damages and nobody can predict which damages you could recover. Your attorney can help clarify this once they delve into your case.

That said, recoverable damages in motorcycle accident cases often include:

  • Past, present, and future medical bills | Including emergency transport, specialized services, custom equipment, and more.
  • Pain and suffering | Any accident has the potential to leave long-lasting effects on survivors; if your motorcycle accident caused a brain injury, it’s no exception. Motorcycle accident survivors can collect damages to account for exceptional physical and mental pain attributed to their experiences.
  • Lost wages and/or earning potential | Sometimes, a brain injury is so severe that it leaves someone temporarily unable to work. If this is the case for you, your lawyer should suggest pursuing compensation for lost wages. Other victims face a lifetime of altered or diminished earning potential after their accidents. These individuals would pursue damages for lost earning potential.
  • Disability | Some accidents cause disability in survivors. Brain injuries, in particular, can and do lead to disabilities with some regularity. If your motorcycle accident case resulted in disability, you can pursue compensation for it.

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