Top 3 Myths about Motorcycle Accidents

April 20, 2017 | David Abels
Top 3 Myths about Motorcycle Accidents There are many misconceptions when it comes to the personal injury process, especially as it relates to motorcycle accidents. The following are three common myths about motorcycle accidents.

1. Single-vehicle crashes are always the fault of the motorcyclist.

When a motorcyclist crashes and no other vehicles are involved, you may assume that the motorcyclist was intoxicated, being reckless, or engaging in some other type of dangerous behavior. This is often not the case, however, as other factors can cause a crash. For example, if a part on the motorcycle is defective and suddenly malfunctions, the motorcyclist may lose his or her ability to brake or steer. In addition, road hazards, such as potholes, can cause a motorcyclist to lose control and crash.

2. You don’t need a lawyer for smaller claims.

Even if someone else was at fault for a motorcycle accident, too many victims do not call an attorney because they believe they can handle a relatively small claim. However, no matter how much your expenses were, you deserve to be fully compensated by the liable party. Without the help of an attorney, an insurance company could try to take advantage of you and offer you less than you deserve. You may also fail to consider certain losses that you did not realize were compensable. It is always wise to discuss your claim with a lawyer, no matter how small you may believe it is.

3. You can’t recover for injuries if you weren’t wearing a helmet.

While motorcycle helmets are important, they certainly do not protect you from all injuries. The fact that you were not wearing a helmet will not stop you from recovering for injuries to other parts of your body. In addition, you can often receive substantial compensation for head injuries even if you were not wearing a helmet. This situation would have to be examined under Illinois law, but it is likely you still could receive a significant recovery.

Discuss Your Injuries with Our Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

The above myths are only three of many that exist about motorcycle accident claims. To ensure you have all the proper information about your rights and options, please contact the Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers at the law firm of Abels & Annes. Call us today at (312) 924-7575 for a free case evaluation.

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