Truck Drivers Are Required to Use Extreme Caution in Bad Weather

July 11, 2010 | David Abels
Truck Drivers Are Required to Use Extreme Caution in Bad Weather Every commercial truck driver should be fully aware of the Illinois traffic laws and federal regulations with which they must comply to drive safely. However, in some cases, truck drivers are expected to use their judgment and make decisions about safe driving in order to prevent crashes and serious injuries. One such instance is when adverse weather conditions are present. While a speed limit may officially be 60 miles per hour for trucks on a highway, there may be times when it is unsafe for a truck driver to travel at that speed. The following weather conditions can create higher risks at faster speeds:
  • Rain
  • Ice
  • Sleet
  • Snow
  • Fog
Because large commercial trucks are heavy and have many wheels and tires, drivers may believe they have better traction on the road and may not feel the need to slow down. However, like any other vehicle, trucks can skid on slippery roads. When they do, the truck’s greater weight and cargo makes it easy for the driver to lose control, and very difficult to slow down or stop. For this reason, truck drivers who fail to use caution in bad weather can cause serious crashes that may result in catastrophic injuries to others. Truck drivers should always remain aware of the harm their trucks can cause to other motorists and should take adequate care to drive in a safe manner and to adapt to changing weather conditions. If they fail to do so, truck drivers should be held responsible for their actions and victims should receive full compensation for their losses.

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