Progressive Insurance Personal Injury Claims

progressive car accident claims in chicagoProgressive Insurance is a major player in the highly competitive market for consumer auto and property insurance. Its smart branding and effective marketing have spurred the extraordinary growth and success over the years. Progressive offers its customers a wide range of services and competitive rates. It is obviously doing something right. However, how does Progressive insurance measure up when negotiating a claim with a party who may be entitled to compensation?

Insurance Claims Against Progressive

If you have been injured in an accident and the defendant has Progressive Insurance, set yourself up for success. Retain a Chicago insurance dispute attorney with experience pursuing and negotiating insurance claims. While some insurance claims may be quick and have minimal challenges, others can quickly become difficult disputes. More importantly, large insurers like Progressive have the advantage of financial resources, well-trained adjusters, and experience negotiating an insurance claim. Usually, working with an attorney who thoroughly understands the complexities of the insurance claims process can mean the difference between a strong settlement and a financial setback. Whether you’re dealing with an insurance company, remember that they often don't play fair. There are several bad faith tactics insurance companies may use to avoid paying all or part of a valid insurance claim. While some claims adjusters are honest professionals, it’s still important to be on the lookout for potential bad-faith tactics when navigating your claim. These insurance adjustment practices can include:
  • Improper denial of a claim
  • Intentional delay in processing a claim
  • Underpaying or slow-paying a claim
  • Failing to conduct a sufficient or appropriate investigation of a claim
  • Requiring excessive, duplicative, or needless documentation of a claims
  • Misrepresenting or failing to disclose covered benefits
  • Misrepresenting financial information
  • Refusing to settle a valid third party claim
At Abels & Annes, the entire focus of our practice is protecting the rights of those who were injured. We strongly believe that:
  • No insurance company should ever delay investigating a valid claim.
  • The insurance adjuster shouldn't delay paying a valid claim.
  • No insurance company should misrepresent facts relating to your claim.
  • The insurance carrier should not mislead you.
If you feel overwhelmed by the insurance claims process, contact one of the compassionate associates at Abels & Annes now.

Is An Attorney Necessary to Get a Fair Settlement?

Though you may be able to obtain some form of settlement without an attorney, having one on your side gives you a huge advantage towards obtaining a fair and just settlement. Any insurance company will look to pay as little as possible when settling a claim. A personal injury lawyer advocates on behalf of the victim. Without professional guidance, insurance companies may have a large advantage. Also, large companies have the resources to fight claim disputes. Meanwhile, claimants struggling with medical bills, missed work, and property damage. Your attorney will look to present your claim effectively, maximize your financial recovery, and reduce the chance of undue delay.

Car Accident Attorneys Know How to Maximize Your Recovery

During an insurance investigation, it’s common for insurance adjusters to ask victims to make statements and answer questions. They often want to talk to you as soon as possible after an accident, at a time when you are most vulnerable and least able to focus. Insurance representatives knows this. In fact, they often use it to their advantage. On the other hand, an attorney can respond without compromising the integrity or value of a potential claim. If your property damage and injuries are substantial, having an experienced lawyer on your side can also make a substantial difference in the settlement offer you receive from an insurance company. We have years of experience building cases, including:
  • Estimating future medical expenses
  • Calculating pain and suffering
  • Tracking down witnesses
  • Uncovering evidence
  • Determining if there are additional at-fault parties
  • Knowing the potential value of various injuries

Tips for Dealing with Progressive Insurance

  • The claims process may seem to be going smoothly. For example, the insurance company accepts liability, instructs you to send them your medical bills. Don't assume, however, they are going to pay it all. In many cases, you may only get a fraction of the total costs. At this point in the process, you may be under pressure to take the first settlement offer because you need the money. We strongly recommend you seek legal advice instead.
  • Expect an attempt to make a quick settlement. Never accept a settlement long before you have had a chance consult with a lawyer or to discover any long-term injuries, complications, or costs. Once you sign a release and cash the check, the case is over. And you may be stuck with your long-term medical costs far exceeding the settlement amount. Again, seek legal advice before doing anything.
  • Do not be surprised an insurance adjuster claims that your injury is due to a pre-existing medical condition. They also might demand access to your medical history. Know that you are under no obligation to do this during the claims process. An accident attorney will know how to respond to information requests correctly. He or she will also know know what information is pertinent and what should be kept private.
  • An insurance company may dispute the severity of your injuries. An experienced lawyer can push back on these efforts, and present the proper documentation, evidence, and testimony to establish a strong claim.

Fight Back With a Car Accident Attorney in Chicago

Progressive, like most major insurers, has the resources to play the insurance game well, but so do we. Having an attorney on your side can often make a huge difference in the outcome of an accident and injury claim. The attorneys at Abels & Annes have experience handling claims with Progressive Insurance. We know how to:
  • Determine liability
  • Investigate claims
  • Gather and preserve evidence
  • Negotiate a fair settlement
  • Go to court when necessary
We know what it takes to make you whole. Contact Abels & Annes online, or call our office at (312) 924-7575 for a free consultation. We are here to help. For more information about dealing with a specific insurance company review some of our other legal resources below.