Right-of-Way Violations

Without traffic rules and laws, drivers would operate their vehicles as they pleased, advancing whenever they wanted and likely never yielding. This would lead to a state of constant chaos and ever-present danger on Phoenix streets and across the rest of the state. Fortunately, drivers in the Valley do not need to think about what would happen in the absence of traffic laws because such laws are already in place and are enforced by local authorities.

Many rules of the road are well known even among non-drivers, like children. For example, drivers must stop for red lights and at stop signs and must obey all posted speed limits. Even if a law was not as widely known, it is the responsibility of every driver in Arizona to be aware of the laws that apply when driving, and ignorance is not an excuse for disobeying a traffic rule.

Failing to heed a traffic law often results in a car accident or other form of vehicular collision. Many of these leave the victims involved injured and in need of medical treatment. But when a motorcycle is involved in a crash, the results may be severe and can prove fatal in some cases.

Motorcycle Accidents in Arizona

Motorcycle accidents occur too often in Phoenix. The temperate weather in the cooler months combined with the dry weather in summertime means that many bikers find Phoenix to be a great place to ride. Motorcycles are legally authorized to ride in Arizona's streets just like any other vehicle and riders are entitled to the same protections by law. But drivers of cars often ignore or neglect the rights of bikers, leading to accidents and injuries among those involved.

According to the Arizona Department of transportation, there were 3,081 motorcycle accidents in the state out of 107,348 total motor vehicle collisions in 2013. That means that motorcycle crashes accounted for almost three percent of all accidents but they account for only 1.5 percent of all registered vehicles. Motorcycles were disproportionately involved in accidents in Arizona in 2013 when compared to other types of vehicles, and if that does not stand out, note that bikers are injured at very high rates when a crash does occur. Of all the motorcycle accidents that occurred, 2,519 resulted in injuries and 154 collisions proved fatal. Bikers involved in an accident in 2013 were injured or killed nearly 88 percent of the time, rates much higher than those accompanying accidents involving passenger vehicles.

One of the biggest factors leading to motorcycle crashes in Phoenix is another driver's failure to yield the right-of-way. The right-of-way is governed by local traffic laws and it designates which vehicle(s) must yield to others until that other vehicle has safely passed. A common example of a right-of-way exists at a four way intersection where two directions have stop signs and the remaining two have no traffic control devices. Those drivers waiting at a stop sign must wait to proceed until oncoming traffic is clear; failing to yield to oncoming traffic may result in a collision.

Motorcycles are the victims of right-of-way accidents for many reasons, including that other drivers do not look for or see a motorcyclist like they would another vehicle. Regularly, drivers who strike bikers later claim that they never saw the biker until the impact occurred even though it is every driver's duty to watch out for and act with caution towards motorcyclist.

Bikers are prone to becoming the victims of right-of-way accidents at intersections. A common scenario involves a biker traveling straight through an intersection with a green light or with the right-of-way and an oncoming vehicle intending to turn left, into the biker's path. If the oncoming vehicle fails to yield, a crash may occur and injuries may result.

Relief for Right-of-Way Motorcycle Accident Victims

Most motorcycle collisions in Phoenix are due to negligence or recklessness on the part of one or more drivers involved. When a biker is injured in such an accident, that biker may be entitled to financial compensation for his or her injuries.

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