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Negotiating an Insurance Dispute

Chicago Attorneys Handling the Insurance Process for Our Clients

As new drivers, many of us learned that in the event of an accident, we should simply exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved and then call to make a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Many people do not consider calling a personal injury attorney for assistance with this process. Yet calling an insurance company without skilled legal representation could cost you a significant amount of money.

At the Chicago personal injury law firm of Abels & Annes, we regularly represent clients in successful insurance claims to ensure they receive the full payment they need and deserve. If you have been in an accident, do not hesitate to call us before you make a claim today.

Insurance Communications Can Be Complicated

The insurance claim process may seem relatively effortless to many people who are unfamiliar with the industry. You may believe that you simply make a claim, inform the company of your losses, and receive payment for those losses. Unfortunately, the process is rarely so easy, as insurance companies are businesses that prioritize their profits over your interests. This prioritization can begin as early as your first discussion with an insurance adjuster.

When an insurance adjuster calls you, you may believe that this person is on your side. However, part of an adjuster’s job is to identify and recommend when a payout should be limited or denied. While the questions asked of you may seem straightforward, the adjuster can potentially use any answers you provide against you. For this reason, you should always have an attorney who understands the insurance claim process to handle all communications with your adjuster.

Insurance adjusters may try to deny part or all of your claim by:

  • Claiming that you were partially responsible for the accident. The more liability assigned to you, the less an insurance company needs to pay for the liability of its own policyholder.
  • Questioning the severity of your injuries and the necessity of all medical treatment you have received.
  • Challenging whether or not all of your injuries were the result of the car accident and possibly claiming that you had pre-existing conditions or that a subsequent event caused your injuries.

At Abels & Annes, our attorneys understand how to engage in all communications with the insurance company to prevent a wrongful denial of your claim whenever possible. If an insurance adjuster contacts you, provide only minimal information until you have Abels & Annes on your side to handle this process and protect your rights.

Reviewing and Negotiating Settlement Offers

Many people think that the insurance process ends once a settlement is offered and that they have no choice but to accept the offer. Yet accepting the first offer can be a mistake, as the amount may be seriously inadequate in light of your losses. One of the most important ways that our attorneys will help is to review and negotiate any settlement offers you receive. Our attorneys at Abels and Annes will:

Review offers – Often, people do not realize the full worth of their claim. If you requested a certain amount and the insurance company offered less, it is easy to believe the company’s argument that your claim is worth less than you expected. Yet accepting a claim that is too low in light of your losses is a grave error. Once a claim is accepted, you no longer have the right to request more, even you later realize that the payout was insufficient. You will also lose the right to take other types of legal action against a liable driver. When you have our attorneys handling your insurance claim, you can rest assured that any offer will be carefully reviewed for adequacy and rejected if insufficient to preserve your rights to the maximum amount you deserve.

Negotiate a higher settlement – When you receive a settlement offer and it is less than you expected, you may believe you have no choice but to accept. However, we understand the power of negotiation when representing clients to insurance companies. Our attorneys have numerous strategies and tools that we use to negotiate with insurance companies for higher settlement amounts. For example, we may provide specific evidence to support your claim, including medical records, opinions of medical experts, analysis of accident reconstruction experts, and more. In many cases, such evidence can prove that you deserve the full amount of your claim.

Take legal action, if needed – Sometimes, an insurance company refuses to offer an adequate settlement after negotiations, or perhaps a policy is simply insufficient to cover all of your car accident-related losses. Our legal team can recognize when the insurance process is unable to cover your losses and when a personal injury lawsuit is appropriate. We have extensive experience handling car accident lawsuits and we will handle every step of the personal injury litigation process for you.

Our team will help you from the very first call with an insurance adjuster to the resolution of a personal injury lawsuit if needed. With your case in our hands, you can focus on your physical recovery and getting back to work or school as soon as possible.

Contact a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney for Help With Your Insurance Claim

It is never a good idea to try to handle an insurance claim on your own. This is because the insurance industry has specific, tested tactics to reduce claims whenever possible. Additionally, many accident victims are not prepared to identify when a claim is inadequate or to negotiate for a higher amount. All too often, accident victims’ attempts to negotiate result in disappointing settlements that leave them struggling to cover many of their losses out of pocket.

When you call the insurance negotiation lawyers at Abels & Annes, we will handle every step of the process for you. We stand up for your right to a full financial recovery and will take any action necessary to help you. Call our skilled insurance dispute attorneys today at 312-924-7575 for more information.

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